Study: Watch What Happens To This Family When They Switch To All Organic Food

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. If you have a diet heavy in conventional foods, there’s a good chance your body is full of chemical pesticides that you don’t even know about.

To shine some light on the issue, researchers from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute performed a study in conjunction with the Coop supermarket chain on what happens when a family switches from conventional food to organic.

Their dramatic findings are revealed in this short video.

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Peak Efficiency

Human beings be healthy on a tiny percentage of the amount of food normally eaten. The first step is a vast change brought on by smaller, incremental changes to our lifestyles. For those suffering from hunger, this of course, is not really feasible. For the rest though, it is noteworthy that as hunters and gatherers, we were lean, yet strong.


Oh For Fucks Sake calling this a scientific study is like calling marijuana a deadly gateway drug for one this is a fucking commercial for the Swedish food chain Coop in order to push their own organic line of products second in no way does this so called study stand up to the standards or even basic methods of a scientific study heres more info on the bullshit cherry picking

Carmella Rosenbach

Hey that was rude. I’m a senior, living in NH (cold like the tundra) with no space and no car. In senior housing. Care to tell me how to do this?


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