Watch: Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

by Ellen Holland

on December 28, 2015

This piece first appeared in Cannabis Now.

The late Billy Mays called him “a legend in the pitch business.”

Robert Platshorn, the man who once sold Vita Mix, frozen food knives, and gadgets in television infomercials, has a new pitch for America’s seniors: “Don’t break the law, change it.”

With the Silver Tour — a combination of live shows across South Florida, a lobby day in the halls of Congress and, most importantly, a 30-minute television infomercial called “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?” — Platshorn and his supporters actively ask seniors to lobby their congressional representatives towards legalizing cannabis. He serves as the host of the infomercial, now shown in half a dozen states, which you can view in the player below.

Learn more about Platshorn, The Silver Tour, and why seniors should support legalization here.