Watch: Meet Sugar Bob, The Marijuana-Munching Deer

by April M. Short

on December 18, 2014

Richard Davis, aka Pa Bud, is a marijuana grower in southern Oregon. He has a pet deer named Sugar Bob. The two snuggle together, and hang out in the yard with Pa Bud’s elderly beagle, Bacon. Like most of his species, Sugar Bob loves to munch up whatever greenery he can find, but he has one particular—and peculiar—craving: cannabis. While he usually sticks to marijuana greens, every once in a while Sugar Bob will chew up a big, fully cured marijuana bud (the valuable part), which Pa Bud just laughs off.  Most of the time Sugar Bob helps Pa Bud clean up unwanted trimmings from his marijuana plants by munching them away, as shown in the adorable video below.