Watch: Jason Silva Says ‘Cognitive Thrills Await Us’ As Our Relationship With Marijuana Shifts

by April M. Short

on March 31, 2015

In a video post titled The Future of Marijuana Legalization, spoken word philosopher Jason Silva, host of National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, explains that we are “definitely witnessing a turning point in America’s relationship” with marijuana.

“It’s been used for thousands of years in all kinds of contexts for promoting healing, for promoting transformation, for promoting spirituality and everyday we’re learning a host of new benefits that are associated with the plant,” he says at the beginning of the video.

From his seat on the bluffs above the ocean, Silva takes viewers through a brief recent history of the cannabis plant and ongoing struggle to end prohibition via a poetic retelling complete with trippy special effects and music, care of the production company Shots of Awe.

He explains that, despite decades of stigma created by a government set on justifying prohibition, the cultural context in which cannabis exists is shifting.

“By changing the culture in which people partake in this visionary herb, you’re changing the very nature of the medicine’s effects,” he says. “Experiments in Colorado are raising the stage in which people enjoy their cannabis. We’re talking culinary experiences, we’re talking classical music venues and concerts, we’re talking special cinemas with vaporizing rooms where people can prime their brains for enhanced cinematic immersion. It’s a new world.”

Silva ends his monologue with the promise, “Cognitive thrills await us that we cannot even imagine.”

Watch the video below.

Written by April M. Short.