Vietnam Vet Cures PTSD With MDMA

by Amber Lyon

on April 30, 2014

The Verge just released this documentary, Ecstatic States, highlighting a Vietnam Veteran who used MDMA to cure his PTSD.

Bob, a Vietnam Veteran, had such horrific symptoms of PTSD that he broke the law and took to the underground to find and use MDMA as a last ditch effort to cure his disorder.

Bob spend decades trying numerous legal prescription drugs and traditional treatments but nothing worked.  “I got to a point I was on so many drugs, I just put them into a big bag and threw them away,” Bob said. “I didn’t want to be drugged for the rest of my life.”

After watching a news report on how a study found MDMA combined with psychotherapy cured 83% of participants with treatment-resistant PTSD, Bob knew he had to try the substance.

Bob attended the Burning Man festival and asked around in social circles and sourced some MDMA.  “I felt alive again and in touch with my feelings,”  Bob says of his experience.

The veteran later found an underground therapist to give him three therapy sessions while he was experiencing the effects of MDMA.

“I did in three sessions what I couldn’t do in 30, 40 years,” Bob said.

Bob says MDMA cured his PTSD.