Video: What If Marijuana Snobs Were as Bad as Wine Snobs?

by Douglas Capraro

on December 1, 2014

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With marijuana legalization spreading around the U.S., could legally sanctioned weed snobs one day become as insufferable as wine snobs? This hilarious video from Weedmaps TV features two old Yale buddies who go to an upscale restaurant in search of some five-star ganja. At one point, a waiter helps light a blunt for one of the weed-savvy yuppies. With Erik Satie playing softly in the background, he remarks, “Let’s hope the Belgians have good taste in Super Sour Ds.”

As funny as this is, perhaps the most effective aspect is the way the cultural roles of alcohol and weed are reversed. One of our high-class stoners openly shames a couple of “winos” who enter the restaurant. He tells his friend “I sense violence in their movement,” before urging the couple to leave, because “this just isn’t that type of place.”