Terence McKenna Compilation: ‘The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time’

by April Short

on November 17, 2014

Peter Bergmann created this full-length film as a mashup of the work and teachings of author, lecturer, philosopher and shamanic explorer Terence McKenna.  McKenna’s vast body of work explores metaphysics, culture and human consciousness –– itself, often inspired by his own psychedelic-assisted experiences. In the film, snippets of McKenna’s work and talks are set to music composed by Bergmann, which he recorded under the moniker We Plants Are Happy Plants. According to an official description on the We Plants Are Happy Plants Youtube channel:

“This movie was created to present and collect (some of) his most profound thoughts, and to possibly show glimpses of the alchemical angel that Terence pursued throughout his life. It does not serve as a biography; (at least) three very important themes were left out for the simple reason that they take hours to unfold themselves: the experiment at La Chorrera, the relationship between the McKenna brothers, and the Trialogues with Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham.”