Should You Have Someone With You When Taking Psychedelics?

by Amber Lyon

on April 15, 2014

In this video, The Dish asks Rick Doblin, founder of, “How important is some kind of guidance when it comes to having a beneficial psychedelic experience?” Doblin notes that one’s own subconscious is the true guide for healing during a psychedelic session, but it is extremely helpful to have another person, or sitter, present to handle real world responsibilities so the person can relax and get the most out of the experience. “It’s very important that when you’re doing psychedelics, particularly in therapy, that you have somebody there with you,” Doblin states.  “And that somebody’s responsibility is to manage the interaction with the outside world, to manage sure all your normal survival activities- is the house on fire? Do I need to drink some fruit juice? What happens when somebody comes to the door?”