Preview Clip From MDMA The Movie: “What MDMA Teaches Us About Love”

by April M. Short

on January 23, 2015

Sara Huntley, a young woman with shiny facial piercings and black feathers clipped to her blue hair, tells the camera she has done MDMA (often called Molly or ecstasy) more times than she can count. She describes the drug’s ability to help her connect more deeply with friends, and navigate some of the most difficult life experiences, having recently come out of an abusive household.

Sara’s revealing interview is one of many featured in an upcoming documentary titled MDMA The Movie. According to Emanuel Sferios, producer of the film and founder of the harm reduction organization DanceSafe,  the film sets out to be a comprehensive look at “MDMA’s use both therapeutically and recreationally.” It also seeks to advocate for harm reduction as a public health alternative to drug prohibition. Harm reduction means everything from comprehensive, realistic drug education, to drug testing, to providing safe spaces for people having difficult substance-induced experiences at festivals and raves.

In her interview, Sara explains that MDMA connects us to our deepest feelings and cuts through illusions about emotions and love.

“I think MDMA has vast things to teach humanity about love,” she said. “Love is often an illusory concept for a lot of people, we’re often taught what to think love is and what it isn’t. And especially in the MDMA community people are really confronted with the necessity to be able to see what is illusory and whats not when it comes to emotions and love. When you’re flooded with these chemical feelings of love how do you find a way to ntegrate that. How do you know what’s real and what’s not with your companions, your lovers and your family… Ultimately  love comes from inside us and that’s what MDMA teaches us.”

Watch Sara’s interview in the video clip below.