Here’s What Happened When 3 Grandmas Tried Cannabis For The First Time

by April Short

on November 20, 2014

Since Colorado and Washington both legalized adult cannabis use last year, more and more people from walks of life that don’t embody the typical stoner stereotype are giving it a try. A video that’s quickly taking the internet by storm, created by, captured three grandmas in Washington state as they took their very first bong and vape rips. Things proceeded to get silly and adorable.

The grandmas, Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre, said they’d never previously tried cannabis because of the stigma involved. They’d been suburban housewives, and using the illegal herb was highly taboo amongst family and friends. While cannabis use is generally more popular amongst the younger crowd, experts in the medical marijuana world are campaigning to get more elderly people interested in its use, since it naturally treats many of the side effects of old age (chronic pain, arthritis, joint pain, etc.). One grandma said in the video that she could feel her shoulder tension subside.

After playing Jenga and Cards Against Humanity, and giggling the day away, all three said they’d try it again.