Graham Hancock’s BANNED TED Talk on Psychedelics

by Amber Lyon

on June 9, 2014

In this video, that was pulled down and banned by TED, renowned explorer and author Graham Hancock discusses how psychedelics may have been responsible for the development of the human brain beyond ape intelligence and how the medicines may hold the key to saving humanity.

In the talk, Hancock discusses the Ayahuasca experience and how the psychedelic brew enhances creativity, helps terminate drug addictions, and how Ayahuasca helped him kick a cannabis habit.  Hancock calls current drug laws a ‘war on consciousness’ and hypocritical as many legal pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol are significantly more toxic and dangerous for users than the  illegal psychedelic medicines.  “It may even be that we are denying ourselves the next step in our own evolution by allowing this state of affairs to continue,” he said.

Hancock stresses psychedelics should not be used for recreation, as they have a much more important mission for humanity: to save us.

Click here to read TED’s explanations for banning Hancock’s speech