Watch: Dr. Joe Tafur — How Ayahuasca Cures Depression And Unexplained Illness

by Amber Lyon

on April 21, 2014

Anecdotes prove ayahuasca is a powerful medicine known to cure depression and unexplained illness. In this video, Dr. Joe Tafur, founder of the Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual center in Peru says ayahuasca has profound healing effects because it can rapidly repair the limbic system, or emotional processing center, of the brain. Western medicine tends to ignore the core root of many illnesses, such as limbic system malfunction, and instead focuses on treating the symptoms of the malfunction (bodily pain, mental illness, etc.).

Dr. Tafur says the people coming to his center in search of ayahuasca are often suffering from those illnesses Western medicine has failed to heal: psychological trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, autoimmune disease (psoriasis, multiple sclerosis), and psychosomatic illness (chronic fatigue, chronic cough).

He describes a 32-year old patient who came to him with fatigue, depression, low back, knee pain, and obesity. After drinking ayahuasca, which targets the limbic system and unlocks memories trapped in the subconscious, the woman discovered she’d been a victim of incest as a child. With the help of the medicine, the woman was able to process the emotional trauma. As a result, Dr. Tafur says her symptoms of obesity and bodily pain were alleviated. Dr. Tafur also says he’s witnessed ayahuasca successfully cure veterans suffering from PTSD.