How To Cool Your Temper With The ‘Magic Pause’

by April Short

on December 31, 2014

Alexa Fischer is a public speaking coach who teaches everyone from CEOs to private students. She attended the Yale School of Drama and, as she puts it on her website, wanted to use the skills she acquired there to  “help people tap into their own brilliant light.”

In the following video, Fischer describes a technique she calls the “magic pause” designed to break the “circle of habitual emotional intensity” so many of us find ourselves swirling around in.

Starting with Step 1,  “Be honest with yourself,” she explains a few simple tricks for giving yourself permission to take a step back before getting caught up in a heated moment.

“Give yourself some excuse to pause it,” she says. “When you feel that sensation of energy and things are getting a little bit heated, you’re kind of on, breath. … Even though your impulse is going to be to react, stop yourself.”

Watch her explain the technique in the Howdini video below.