Attn Men: Crying is Good For You

Why are men so scared to cry?  Too many men are carrying around bottled-up tension and stress because society has taught them to suppress their emotions.   In this inspirational video, Preston Smiles encourages men to shed their fear and start shedding those tears.  Crying is cathartic.  Crying is healing!

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The world is pretty f@#ked up @ present & what you say is true! I am 45 years old, an ex Australian soldier, a Son of a Father who was also a Soldier who fought in Korea & Malaya, & I am a Father of 2! I have a Daughter 14 & my Son is 12. My Daughter was born 8 weeks early & when she came out & started to cry, so did I. I cried so much, but is was cries of joy! cries of love! cries of relief that she & my Wife were ok! My Father was there & he looked @ me when I cried. He didn’t say anything but I could tell his look was, why are you crying? I had a brief feeling of want am I doing this for? But my emotions were to strong to stop, & it felt good to let it out! I know my Father didn’t mean to judge me, but it was the way he & so many other men of his generation are. I have only just recently found this website, & I love it! Keep up the great work & your post is awesome Amber, so true!


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