Tell Us How Cannabis Transformed Your Life

Via: Atomazul


by Aaron Kase

on May 9, 2015

Have you had a life-changing experience using cannabis? Maybe it helped you deal with your cancer symptoms, or you used it to treat your child’s autism. Perhaps it helped you come to terms with PTSD or other mental health issues.

We are looking for veterans, young mothers, ministers, atheists, immigrants, construction workers, and executives — anyone who has a story to tell about marijuana transforming their life for the better. People of all ages, genders and political persuasions from every corner of the country are invited to contact to Reset writer Elizabeth Limbach to share their story.

Many people have to overcome suffering, doctors’ objections, social stigma and the law itself to find relief from a plant that grows naturally from the Earth. If that sounds like you, and you want to participate in a Reset-related project to uplift and inspire other suffering patients who could benefit from cannabis, contact Elizabeth at as soon as possible with a brief description of your experience.

To be considered for inclusion, you must be available for a phone interview in the next two or three weeks.