Psyched out: A documentary About Plant Medicines And Psychedelics


by Giovanni Bartolomeo

on May 30, 2019

Hearing The Call

There came a point in my life where I really started to question reality. I mean I wasn’t in a bad place or anything like that I just seemed to have more and more questions and less and less answers that made any sense.

I was searching, for what exactly I wasn’t entirely sure. The first time I heard the term Ayahuasca was in a totally random Terrence McKenna video I had stumbled upon. I was led there believe it or not by a comment in an Alan Watts video. At the time, these interesting non-western perspectives about life and existence were quite refreshing and Alan had a way of speaking about them that was easy to understand and relate to, well at least for me anyways.

As I was reading through the comment section of this particular video, someone commented something along the lines of “If you think this is interesting Terrence McKenna will blow your mind. Who was this Terrence McKenna character and why had I never heard of him before? The comment literally jumped off the page as if it was directly intended for me to read.

I was definitely interested in having my mind blown so why not google this new and interesting name. I had no idea what I would find next and began to dive down the deepest rabbit hole I had ever uncovered. A few minutes into the first video I was enchanted by his poetic way of describing the indescribable. I quickly ordered all of his books and continued to consume any and every ayahuasca content I could get my hands (or eyes on). This was back in 2012 so it was relatively recent but well before anyone I knew, had ever heard or even had the slightest idea of what ayahuasca was.

Things moved quickly from there, as they say when the medicine calls you, well it really calls you. Everywhere I looked there was a sign, or a reference or something that guided me to eventually booking a solo trip to south America.

The icing on the cake was one of the most important documentaries in this space, DMT the spirit molecule. I must have scrolled past it a hundred times or more as I chilled and Netflixed a lot those days. On this day it stared me right in the face, unmistakably intended for me to see it.  Mitch Schultz did an incredible Job of introducing people to DMT and really showcased the work of Rick Strassman (if you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend it.

The most compelling part for me about the entire movie, wasn’t so much the science, or theories but rather the recounting of the direct experiences of the participants in the study.

There was something in their eyes that was so real, and I could tell although they did a great job telling their stories there was something there that could not be explained in words. I knew it in my heart it was something I had to experience.

I found a place, booked my flight and I was off to south America.

The experience was intense, scary, transformative and eye opening all at once.

Now I had even more questions than before

Why doesn’t everyone know about or have access to this?

I truly felt (and still do) that this could change the world. These weren’t DRUGS. These were evolutionary tools. I felt like I had been lied to my entire life by the mainstream narrative “Don’t do drugs!”. If drugs are bad for you and many of them are these definitely didn’t fall into that category.

As I did more research more things didn’t add up. I wanted to tell everyone I knew about Ayahuasca but it wasn’t easy.

So, I decided to make a documentary. The intention behind the film is to share information and a perspective that is more common than I originally thought prior to having my first experience. Even if the film reaches one person and changes their life then I know It has served its purpose.

Hopefully as humanity starts to realize we may have got this one wrong (intentionally or not) we can then open a larger conversation so that many more people can experience plant medicine and psychedelics.

I believe that they are not for everyone but anyone who feels called to explore their own consciousness should have the opportunity to do so.

Please watch the Documentary here: If it resonates with you share it far and wide!