MIT Scientist Uncovers Link Between Glyphosate, GMOs And The Autism Epidemic

Dr. Stephanie Seneff


by Aaron Kase

on May 11, 2015

Autism is one of humanity’s most mysterious afflictions. The disorder, which can hinder communication, empathy and other social skills on a spectrum ranging from mild to severe, affects as many as 1 in 68 children born in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control, up from 1 in 150 at the turn of the century. No one knows exactly what has caused the increase, but one researcher is pointing her finger at a chemical called glyphosate, more widely known as the active ingredient in the ubiquitous weed killer Roundup.

Agribusiness giant Monsanto introduced Roundup Ready soybeans to the United States in 1994, which are genetically modified to resist glyphosate so farmers can spray their fields with the weed killer without damaging their crops. Today, some 90 percent of soy and corn grown in the country are Roundup Ready.

Via: Marcin Balcerzak

Via: Marcin Balcerzak

Now Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is sounding the alarm bell. Seneff claims that as many as half of all children born in the United States by 2025 will be on the autism spectrum, and Roundup is the reason why.

“The way glyphosate works is that it interrupts the shikimate pathway, a metabolic function in plants that allows them to create essential amino acids,” Seneff explained at a recent Autism conference. “When this path is interrupted, the plants die. Human cells don’t have a shikimate pathway so scientists and researchers believed that exposure to glyphosate would be harmless.”

However, she claims that the chemical still effects humans even if it doesn’t act on our bodies directly.

“The problem is that bacteria DO have a shikimate pathway and we have millions of good bacteria in our guts — our ‘gut flora,’” Seneff continued. “These bacteria are essential to our health. Our gut isn’t just responsible for digestion, but also for our immune system. When glyphosate gets in our systems, it wrecks our gut and as a result our immune system.”

Seneff also says that her research has shown that glyphosate can inhibit liver function, which could be an explanation for high rates of vitamin D deficiency. She further claims that the chemical could be implicated in diminished kidney function, celiac disease and other gastrointestinal problems.

“[The autism rate] has come up from 1 in 10,000 in 1970 — so that is already an incredibly alarming change,” Seneff said to Next News Network. “I got worried eight years ago when I was seeing it rising, and people were saying, ‘Oh, it’s just more reporting, more diagnosis’ — that’s a way to hide the evidence.”

That’s not the only alarming data that has come to light recently about Roundup. Earlier this spring, the World Health Organization came to a consensus that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans after an extensive review of the evidence and scientific record. Other studies suggest that pesticide exposure in pregnant women can put children at risk of birth defects leading to learning and behavioral impairments.

While some industry-touted studies claim that Roundup is safe for humans, Seneff says that there simply hasn’t been enough research. “The glyphosate is being soaked up by the plants and getting into the food system,” she said, “and the U.S. government is doing very little monitoring to even see if that’s true.”

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Elsam Sporer

I’m autistic by myself, and since magic mushrooms have helped me to improve my situation (I’m able to look people in the eyes – since January 2013, with the age of 43) , I think, the woman is nearby, but it is no glyphosphate.
The reason for autism is an intoxication with lysergic acid alkaloids from ergot.
Autism has increased in the USA because of GMO-wheat:
“Two of four GM lines showed up … a 40-fold increase of infection with ergot disease Claviceps purpurea compared with their control lines in the field experiment …” (Zeller, Sl. et. al.: Transgene x environment interactions in genetically modified wheat. PLoS One. 2010)
How it goes:
If the mother eat ergot containig grains the lysergic acid from ergot circulates in the bloodstream of the mother and the embryo. Some embryos falsely think, that the lysergic acid from ergot ist an natural part of human’s body. Then the immune system of the embryo and later the child don’t fight against the ergot alkaloids. In this case the lysergic acid alkaloids enriches in the body of the child, before and after birth. After some time there is enough, that it leads to both pain and failures of perception – what we call autism.
In this sence autism is like always on LSD, a bad trip that never ends.

Jeanne Marie Bentsen

We have another battle to fight first. Unfortunately, nothing is organic anymore. The Military Industrial Complex is spraying Aluminum, Barium and Strontium into the atmosphere around the globe. They are trying to kill us off. Monsanto has developed Aluminum resistant seeds…hmmm. Let’s work together and fight. Go to this reliable site for more info

Jeanne Marie Bentsen

Really guys? Just by the title of the talk itself, I know she is right!

Andy Gee

Here is her incredibly convincing presentation on the matter, this bit link starts the video at the correct place.

cha ching

glyphosate was originally used as a chelating chemical to clean mineral deposits before being used as an herbicide.

glyphosate was patented as an anti biotic in 2010.

people are eating it on a daily basis


People like you deserve the poisoning you get from the GMO and glyphosate.


The pathway in the good bacteria is interrupted, the bacteria dies, our immune system weakens and autism blooms. We are out of balance, our nervous system is not being protected by the good bacteria as it once was, and becomes vulnerable to damage and, therefore, malfunctions.
Years ago it was explained that GMOs alter the configuration of the plant’s molecules. Each plant has a specific configuration (like a gear) that fits in…locks into… our cells to transfer nutrition. The alteration disallows the transfer of nutrients because the gears do not interlock anymore. The “food” cannot do its work in us. It is designed for something other than the human body. If we are not receiving all the necessary nutrients, our bodies cannot function as designed. There is a very specific and delicate system at work which was not carefully considered by GMO’s and Monsanto. Money became the specific consideration.

thomas Sand

Lets do a study of 200 pregnant women. Feed half GMO’s and half organic then continue with the same food for the children until they finish high school. GMO’s and non GMO’s are basically the same ( except that a GMO’s can be repeatedly sprayed with pesticides and not die) but they are basically the same. So let’s get people to step up and volunteer their wives and daughters to bring this experiment to a scientific conclusion.


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