How Sound Therapy Heals Your Body And Mind

Via: Markus Gann


by Lindsey Hitt

on June 5, 2015

Healthcare and modern medicine are a continual advancement of tradition and technology. Healing in the human body is fueled by detoxification and the immune system. Common concepts that interpret medical paradigms and access information to practitioners has evolved and will continue to do so. Anatomical structure is a primary paradigm, but what if we have yet to incorporate the concept of vibration into modern medicinal practices? If human understanding of metaphysical properties has yet to be fully conceived, there is a possibility diseases of certain kinds go un-diagnosed and therefore are never treated or healed.

Tibetan singing bowls  Via: Popova Tetiana

Tibetan singing bowls Via: Popova Tetiana

Sound healing acknowledges the existence of atomically molecular forces. Consistently held and fostered by the physical body these energies aid in a deeper concept of health. Some call it spirit, others call it light, and traditionally these energies are known as Qi (“chee”). The Chakra energy centers are where the Qi is siphoned, like a vortex. The literal definition of chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel.” Sanskrit is a traditional language of people in Northern India, in correlation with the creed of Hindu thought. Eastern medicinal practices spanning the length of the continent of Asia contain concepts missing or weak in Western medicinal practices.

Sound healing by way of the “singing bowl” comes from traditional  Tibetan cultural practice and has been making a rebirth. “Sound Therapy is still in the early stages of development, and these concepts are understood to the degree that research studies and limited application can provide.” (Meyer, et. al. 2003).

There are 7 Chakras and they are “energy vortices or spirals that exist within the etheric body” — “etheric body” meaning the “ether-body” or “æther body,” a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the “human energy field” or aura. It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with “higher bodies.” 



Sound healing is a metaphysical practice incorporating diverse therapeutic concepts. It’s an experience everyone should have and a platform more doctors should be using to heal patients.

From a scientific perspective sound is identified as a frequency (light is also measured as a frequency). To prove the efficacy of sound therapy and singing bowls is relatively simple, as long as you have a device to prove that these frequencies not only penetrate but also live within the human body. There is a company that is doing just that called NES Health, which has created “the first-ever handheld healthcare device that allows healthcare  practitioners to remove distortions in a client’s energy pathways and stimulate trigger points to bring the body back to its natural oscillation.” The device works by measuring the vibrational data given off by each chakra energy vortex in the body.

Singing bowls are born with a tone and give off that vibrato when played. The theory behind sound therapy is that vibrational frequencies penetrate the body and tune the chakra of which it is matched at a cellular level. Tuning the Chakras is like tuning an instrument and the body is the greatest one we have. During the practice, energy is created by a sound healer trained to play the singing bowls and sense the feedback from the body into the bowl. This is a culmination of sound and feel. The feeling is the wavelength of the sound, and it’s something that’s visceral.

Singing bowls

Singing bowls

During my personal journey through the metaphysical world of sound healing I have learned many valuable things. The knowledge is so powerful and the meditation so real that I give credit to sound healing and my practitioner for a continually heightened level of consciousness.

Consciousness is a deeper understanding of life from sharing experiences and knowledge. Empathically we feel all kinds of things and what led me to sound healing was intense pain. I had previously suffered multiple dislocations of the coccyx, the first three vertebrae on my lower spinal column which is informally called the tailbone. This dislocation was pulling on nerves and shooting violent pain through my lower back, hips, inner thigh and sometimes to my feet. Sciatica was a frequent visitor and the pain was so intense I started taking Vicodin medication for relief. My body built up a tolerance within a week, however, and I went to chiropractor after chiropractor. I finally found one that was knowledgeable. She realigned my coccyx and coached me through adjustments on the importance or re-alignment. After a couple of years and much relief, I still suffered from the pain. It was as if my body’s healing had reached a plateau.

After a 7 hour flight across the country in the spring of 2014 the pain in my back and left thigh was intensely acute again. I had desperately been searching the internet for hope of healing beyond the chiropractic. For some reason I knew it had served me as well as it could. An event in Venice Beach, California popped up in social media somewhere. The practitioner’s name was Jessica Neideffer of Agada Crystal Sound Therapy.

I was in awe and I wasn’t sure why. I had just started my master’s degree studies in alternative medicine and thought, well this is a research project and it if happens to heal my pain then I will have hit two very large birds with one stone. I made it to the event on a sunny Sunday evening in Los Angeles. I was a bit late because I didn’t factor in LA’s traffic conditions, which are horrendous.

The door was locked and the building barred up, I was embarrassed but determined to join the meditation. Knocking seemed like it would have been a major intrusion and make for a terrible first impression, so I began to punch in numbers for the key code on the door knob. On my third try, the buttons all blinked green. It was a miracle, or coincidence, or both!

I entered the dark, cool room quietly and found a spot among two other individuals. Jessica came over to greet me asking how I got in and I told her the story and the numbers I used. She laughed and said, “You must really be meant to be here because that is not the code for the door.”

Crystal bowls are rarer than metal bowls and are more powerful for healing because their vibrations are more organic.

Crystal bowls are rarer than metal bowls and are more powerful for healing because their vibrations are more organic.

For this event I decided I would go into it as a skeptic, if only to ensure efficacy. The first bowl began to sing and an instant smile edged to the corners of my mouth. I thought hmm, that is interesting, one note in the air and I am smiling. Songs made me smile, but not from only one note — maybe a lyric or the sound of a voice but never a single note.

The healer began to guide us into a meditative state describing how we can use the energy of the bowls to awaken and stir our chakra systems. Then for close to an hour Jessica played a symphony of vibrations for our enlightenment and healing pleasure.

Personally I felt nothing physically move in my body as I have witnessed others experience. When I opened my eyes and sat up the pain was 95% diminished. As I began to stretch and move around I was astonished by the pain-free  movements.

Sound healer Jessica Neideffer of Agada Crystal Sound Therapy (left) and Reset’s Lindsey Hitt  (right) on the day of her neurological healing.

Sound healer Jessica Neideffer of Agada Crystal Sound Therapy (left) and Reset’s Lindsey Hitt (right) on the day of her neurological healing.

The healer approached me and asked how I felt and I told her I was amazed. She then asked about my pain and told me I was locking up emotional tension in my sacral chakra. Interestingly enough, my pain and dysfunction was mental and emotional. Through the connections within my body those stressors where becoming expressed in one of the largest nerves in my leg. The guided meditation, breathing, thought and acknowledgement of my fears and anxieties helped me heal permanently. This is something incredible because for the first time in my life I realized where my pain was coming from, that I was doing it to myself, and that I could just as easily, if not more so, undo that pain and tension.

Becoming ever so grateful, I began to research this sound healing art form. Excited about my own freedom from intense physical pain I also began to host my own sessions. Jessica would visit me and perform for a group of 6-10 participants of which I would wrangle on my journey.

Never to be forgotten are some of the experiences I have witnessed. One female about my age had conceived a child a couple years prior. She was in tears after the session claiming that she had felt her physical body — her internal reproductive organs — move during the vibrational meditation. To this day sound healing has been the most effective and life changing healing experience for me and I know it will be for many others in the near future.