Ayahuasca: Drink The Jungle, New Documentary


by Ocean Malandra

on October 19, 2016

Grab some popcorn and get ready for Ayahuasca: Drink the Jungle, a new film by producer, health guru, and podcaster Aubrey Marcus and director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule Mitch Schultz. Shot at the Spirit Quest Sanctuary outside of Iquitos, Peru, the 50-minute documentary follows spiritual pilgrims, including Reset.me’s own Amber Lyon, at retreat where they drink the psychedelic Amazonian brew called ayahuasca. With beautiful visuals and a powerfully moving soundtrack by Brazilian world music artist Poranguí,  the film masterfully recreates the ayahuasca experience and delves deeply into the participants’ healing journeys, which culminate in the realization of the importance of self-love.

You can stream and watch the film for free on aubreymarcus.com or purchase an HD version for $4.99.

Like Marcus’s previous documentary Huachuma, which explores the medicinal powers of the hallucinogenic Peruvian cactus known as San Pedro, this latest film includes the director’s own perspective as he takes part in the ceremonies and shares his experiences on camera.


Besides both pre- and post-ayahuasca journey interviews with Lyon, Marcus, and other participants, the film also features footage of the ceremonies, which are presided over by Maestro Don Howard Lawler. Throughout the film, Lawler offers his expert insight into the profound healing properties of ayahuasca, which is made from combining the vine and DMT-containing leaves of Banisteriopsis caapi.

From Schultz coming to terms with the recent loss of his brother to Lyon’s new perspective on herself, the healing journeys of the participants are the focus of the film. Though their particular circumstances are unique, the participants’ healing processes follow very parallel paths: They each realize that in order to love others and the world, they must first learn to forgive, and thereby love, themselves.

The visual effects, created by Berlin-based Double You, give a magical turn to the dark-light shots taken during the ceremony and capture the psychedelic nature of ayahuasca as well as the interior world of the participants. Add to the effects and ceremonial footage the candid reactions and testimonies of the participants, and you’ve got one of the most impactful contributions to the emerging plant medicine consciousness movement in years.

Ayahuasca: Drink the Jungle deepens the conversation around our own personal and collective traumas as it shines a spotlight on one of nature’s most potent remedies for our pain. Helping our evolution in consciousness, ayahuasca is a true gift to humanity. Be part of that evolution; watch the film for free and then show it to friends at a dinner or community event. Raise awareness about these ancient medicines, which are perfectly poised to deal with even the worst of our modern maladies.  

Ocean Malandra is a widely published freelance writer and frequent contributor to Reset.me. He divides his time between the Redwood forests of Northern California and the Amazon jungle of South America.