Full Podcast: Mother of Four Rachel Hope Cures PTSD With MDMA

Rachel Hope describes how MDMA dramatically transformed her life in just 6-8 hours. Rachel Hope is a mother of four who used MDMA to cure a life-long battle with PTSD. Rachel was given the MDMA as part of her participation in a Maps.org study. The study found MDMA-assisted psychotherapy cured 83% of participants with treatment-resistant PTSD, compared to 25% cured with psychotherapy alone.

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I’ve watched videos and read a lot of information now about MDMA, LSD, etc, therapies. Just now I watched the short video ”MDMA Therapy and Healing” in which Rachel appeared. The participants in the MDMA therapy study use generic terms like ‘re-programming’ and ‘processing’ in reference to the changes that happen in their beliefs and attitudes. I would love for one of them to talk in detail about the step by step process they go through in their minds during a session from the time they access a memory, through “processing” it, all the way through to the place where they are healed. A really detailed break down of the process would be so revealing.

I can also see that if South America is the trailblazer that goes ahead with the legalisation of these drugs, it truly will lead the way in the collective expansion of consciousness that was touted with the Mayan calendar’s new phase starting around 2012. I envisage MDMA clinical centres opening in Peru and other countries there, and many people from the world flocking to experience the beautiful healing that these substances can provide in the right set and setting. I believe Ayahuasca has limited benefits for most (not all) people compared to MDMA and LSD therapy. I think the lack of a professional and experienced guide/councellor to assist one through the Ayahuasca ceremonies is only part of the problem. After several ceremonies at a very reputable retreat in Iquitos I personally did not experience anything other than some minor physical purging, though other participants had some interesting visions (mostly symbolic and difficult to understand). I have also since discovered I do not get any response from other strong herbs like calea zachatechichi, synaptolepis kirkii, and sceletium tortuosum. Research has led me to the possibility that I may have the gene/s that make me a fast metabolizer of the active constituents in these herbs so I plan on getting a DNA test to check this.


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Thank you for that fascinating video.

It is hard to believe that woman suffered through all of those illnesses. She looked so healthy in the video. If you told me she was a magazine model I would have believed. Like her, when I think of “psychonaughts” I think of burned out hippies ala “Reverend Jim” from the old sitcom “Taxi”, not down to Earth healthy, attractive, suburban moms.

It is truly horrible that woman had to endure all of those things in her life.

I really hope MDMA and some of these other drugs get reapproved for therapy. If they live up to the hype, history will look at their criminalization as backward.

Jready Willy

i dont know how to even attempt this. i have ptsd from the iraq war. i just need help


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