How to Choose A Reliable Ayahuasca Center

People from all over the world are traveling down to South America to try ayahuasca due to it’s ability to treat and cure numerous physical and mental health disorders and induce mystical experiences.  Ayahuasca tourism is booming in popularity, but the industry has little to no regulation making it dangerous for travelers who end up in the hands of unprofessional shamans.  In this podcast, Amber Lyon speaks with expert Joshua Wickerham about steps you can take to chose a reliable ayahuasca center from your home living room.  

Wickerham is the founder of the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council , a nonprofit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainable and safe use of traditional plants, and enriching the communities who work with them.

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PI Forward

http://www.spiritvine.net/ … I’ve been twice. It’s psychologically oriented and there’s lots of handholding.

Now, how do I find a shaman in Oaxaca?

PI Forward

This film documents the experiences of Alistair Appleton and several other individuals as they journey with ayahuasca. Excellent film.

The Man Who Drank the Universe
~ https://vimeo.com/32460413 ~


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