Full Podcast: Why Dr. Michele Ross Went From Anti-drug Researcher To Marijuana & Psychedelics Advocate

In this episode of Reset with Amber Lyon, Amber speaks with neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross.  Dr. Ross is a former anti-drug researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, turned medical marijuana advocate. Dr. Ross explains why she took such a dramatic career shift and why she thinks everybody can benefit from the daily use of cannabis oil, or what she terms ‘vitamin weed’. Dr. Ross also discusses how psychedelics helped her heal from trauma and describes a DMT trip in detail.

Scroll down for video version.  Also available on Stitcher and iTunes.  

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Fort Collins, Colorado

Armando, could you give some references discrediting Dr. Ross’ stories? It is a new platform, full of new players and I want to give everyone a chance, but if someone’s bogus, I’d like to know too.
It did sound like some of the doctor’s stories came from a place of fear. However, it seems to me that the consensus among this crowd is that the idea is to use these “new” therapies in order to confront our fear head on, since we are all so inherently damaged. The hope is to then purge the fear and its symptoms through use of these medicines, therapies and our own spiritual/introspective practices. If her stories are true, I was glad to hear her honest perspective, even if she still speaks with some fear. I am also glad for your perspective Armando. Gotta keep an eye on both sides.


East Texas

Very powerful 1 hour in the evolution of our collective consciousness imo. Our latter stage Roman govt. will evolve on this issue (and dozens more) or will not. Will they become the hard cover encyclopedia of the 21st century? Hopefully not…


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