Psilocybin Was The ‘Most Powerful Thing I’ve Ever Felt In My Life’


by Dylan Hammond

on August 11, 2014

I first took psiloscybin mushrooms in 2011 on a vacation with friends. It was unexpected and I was hesitant at first, thinking it was ‘too hard of a drug for me’. I decided that at a secluded location with my closest companions was the best setting I would ever get and ate them on a burger.

I wondered if I would see giant lizards or any of the other cliches people throw around and figured it would just be a night of goofiness. I was overwhelmingly wrong. It was damn near the powerful thing I’ve ever felt in my life. A weight on my chest that i never noticed was there lifted and my breathing seemed more full than it ever had. The connection and communication that I shared with my friends seemed to border with telepathy.

Every trace of anxiety fled my body and I could have cared less about the visuals. I felt more like myself than I had since perhaps childhood. As the trip progressed the idea of any kind of separateness fell away. I was bursting with optimism and self confidence. I kept stressing to everyone how endless our possibilities in life are. I laughed at the idea of fear. As opposed to losing touch with reality, I completely stopped the unrealistic and critical internal dialogue and I accepted things as they were. I was free from every restriction I had ever imposed on myself.

I wanted the world to know all about it and had my friend Alex not convinced me otherwise I may have run screaming praise to the magic mushroom into public and been promptly arrested. I have had a handful of other psychedelic experiences that were therapeutic and educational but due to the difficulty of finding safe settings and fear of arrest it is not the most convenient of medicines at this juncture. I learned about ayahuasca a little over a year ago at which point I was already having thoughts of traveling to Peru and hope to attend a retreat in the coming year.

My uncle whom I joyfully discovered to be an enthusiast like myself, recommended this site to me and at a time when I my hope is dwindling it is a grand relief to see a growing community for such a vastly misunderstood cause. Amber, if you read this just know you have greatly restored my faith and your life could not be a more perfect inspiration.

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