Personal Story: Profound, Life Changing Insights From Psilocybin Mushrooms


by William A. Smith

on December 4, 2015

The Truest Sentences I’ve Ever Written:

I am a popular, well-respected Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I was in Boston, dealing with the good people from Southie, Dorchester, and Charlestown. I am now in Malibu, and deal with people from all over the country with various forms of addictions and mental health issues.

I am eternally grateful for the Johns Hopkins study on the benefits of psilocybin.

Also, the co-founder of AA, Bill Wilson, for his clinical experiences with LSD during his sober years, despite being chastised by some of his members.

I’ve been on the “front lines” of the addiction and mental illness epidemic for a decade and have worked with thousands of souls.

Psychiatry has its place, and is beneficial to many. However, it is highly subjective, symptom-based, big pharma driven, and has less to do with organic brain disorders, despite the “studies.” Thus, powerful drugs are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms. Too many drugs, to too many people, including children. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM], when it was first published in 1952, contained 106 diagnosis. The latest version, DSM-V, has over 400.

In 1993 I worked in New York City for a mafia-run strip club, which inevitably paved the way for years of severe drug addiction, noxious behaviors, and violence.

One of my last memories of smoking cocaine was in Watts. The woman I was using with began to cry, and when I asked why she was crying, she stated, “I’m five months pregnant.”

In 1996, a notoriously famous child star took me into his Venice Beach home and allowed me to live with him as he taught me the ways of recovery — until he kicked me out after seven months for relapsing. I am eternally grateful to him as well.

In 2003, I had an out-of-body, near-death experience, which taught me that death does not end it.

I concur with what Bill Wilson wrote in 1939, “When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out physically and mentally.”

I am at peace with dying and welcome the experience when it’s time, as I know the other side of the thin veil is home. That said, I love life.


Because Of The Psilocybin Mushroom:

I am a popular, well-respected Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

I have had many mystical experiences and spiritual awakenings.

I can die and be fully awake.

I am a sober alcoholic and have no mental obsession to drink alcohol, and can comfortably be around people who do.

I don’t smoke.

I know my consciousness continues on to an ineffable world, where I will be with others who are pure consciousness, thus being PURE ENERGY, which means HOME. There is no need for words there as all thoughts are telepathic by nature.

On the other side, we get to work stuff out, for the sheer purpose of evolving as souls. As a result of that, we are then given choices, and they are good and exciting.

I know how to discern energy and as a result, I am able to welcome some and discard the rest whether it be human or non-human.

I no longer feel the need to use my former, spiritually-killing and physically destructive drugs of choice.

I realized much of my life was scripted by society.

I am able to apply critical thinking, and am no longer a capitulating, acquiescent adult, buying into the illusions of what some deem as reality, and what others promulgate as facts.

I feel life, with all its ups and downs, and need not self-medicate my feelings with pharmaceutical drugs, but rather view it all from a spiritual perspective.

I was previously diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, and anxiety disorders, but no longer choose to have those diagnoses obfuscate my streams of consciousness.

I realize that despite the psilocybin mushroom growing naturally around the globe, and having been viewed by non-ignoramuses as sacred medicine, I can still get arrested for possession. Yet, if I was to get caught with truly poisonous lethal mushrooms, there would be no legal ramifications.

I’ve accepted that my stance on psilocybin can get me fired from my job, as it does not cozy with big pharma and the DSM, nor is it very copacetic with the rehab business and the present treatment modality for the dual diagnosed.

I reckon that technology can be a bit dehumanizing at times, and it’s good to put it down, stare into a strangers eyes, and begin an actual conversation, even if they choose to remain closed off.

I’ve been a Drug and Alcohol counselor to billionaires, millionaires, celebrities, rock stars, murderers, gangsters, and the poverty-stricken homeless. I’ve learned that there is no separateness, we are all interconnected and we are all one love.

I’ve learned that humor is like aloe vera for the soul.

I recognize we are all vibratory beings in essence, and our rates of vibrations are based on our attitudes, earthbound attachments, and our propensity towards honesty.

As humans we can give off bad vibes, or good vibes, and like a tuning fork, tune into a frequency which suitably fits the vibration, so beware of the lower zones, and don’t do or think things which will steer you away from the light.

I’ve contemplated the very real possibility of earthbound energies that are drawn to our denseness here on earth, vicariously indulging themselves in things they’re not prepared to relinquish.

I’ve realized that certain humans and certain unseen energies can have a parasitical-like effect on me, draining me of vitality. Boundaries and keeping healthy are essential.

I learned the door to reformation is always open, as an incarnate, or disincarnate.

I’m able to pulverize fear immediately when it arises, as it corrodes one’s sense of spirituality and makes our society into a neurotic absurdity.

Psilocybin has the power to help people with a myriad of mental issues, as well as smoking cessation, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

Thanks to psilocybin, I recognize that I’m wonderfully fallible, and because I’ve had multiple spiritual experiences, it does not make me holier than thou. I still say “fuck” if a shoe lace breaks.

Psilocybin saved my life.

Unlike Timothy Leary, I haven’t dropped out. In fact, I’ve dropped in even more. I don’t feel the need to meditate, or sit in the lotus pose for hours. Thanks to the psilocybin mushroom, I have an innate knowing that I am a spiritual being, and that everything is okay, and will be okay no matter what, even when life throws painful darts.

I recognize that humming birds are not just around for themselves, but for us to notice and enjoy, and if you want something to strive for in a vibratory sense, observe how many times they flap their wings.

Other than that, stop the nonsense.

Give up your ego and who you might think you are, based on what you think you might know, what you do, the money you’ve made or make, or your title. It means nil.

What matters is love, and how many times the hummingbird flaps its wings.

Yours Truly,

William A. Smith


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