Personal Story: The Plant Medicines That Saved My Life And Brought Me Peace

Flickr Creative Commons / JB Banks


by Mark

on January 2, 2015

After suffering a loss that effected me both in my personal life and career I was left jobless, depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was so hooked on prescription pills and cocaine for almost 3 years that I even stopped smoking cannabis (This might not shock you, but if you knew me it would. I used cannabis every day to avoid these heavier substances for some time). Being faced with this loss, I had to make a change. I decided to quit everything. That was, with the exception of my once-beloved cannabis. Rekindling my relationship with marijuana helped me kick all of the other substances, and really work through some serious grieving.

The experience has lead me further into plant medicine, functional medicine, cannabis cultivation and all-around healthy living. Marijuana saved my life; I can say that and know that it is true.

Since quitting drugs and alcohol I have sat with a shaman in ayahuasca circles. I had always had been interested but with my new zest from becoming sober I felt it was a better time than any.

In the ceremonies I faced my grief, past wrongdoings, trauma, fear of losing friends and family, and made peace with a lot of fears and problems. On top of these epiphanic lessons, I was shown blissful visions of creation and of spirits beyond this world. It sounds like the craziest thing ever, but it is true and is something beautiful and real. It is love and gratitude in the most pure form.

The lessons I learned in the ceremonies are indescribable with words and I have completely given up trying to explain them to anyone who hasn’t been somewhat versed in what ayahuasca is. I really feel like they are most important to the individual going through the ceremonial process anyway, so not talking about them and just thinking about them is more therapeutic and brings more peace than trying to elaborate them verbally.

Ayahuasca also truly opened my eyes to the medicine that is cannabis.  I was using cannabis often, in order to kick drugs and alcohol, and ayahuasca showed me that it isn’t to be abused—just like alcohol or any other substance or consumable. I now use cannabis only in the evenings if I feel like, it and I use a vaporizer to avoid the smoke. Depending on the ailment, I can see how ingesting cannabis in some form often through out the day can be medicinal.

I hope this doesn’t come off preachy or like I’m trying to impress anyone. Plant medicine has had an effect on me.  To sum it up, I feel that more people should be aware of the healing capabilities of every part of nature.