Personal Story: It’s A Crime Against Society That Psilocybin Is Not More Accessible And Accepted

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by Moose

on August 13, 2015

I have always been a happy go lucky, go with the flow, fun loving guy. The past couple years have been really hard on me. I have not been diagnosed with depression, because I don’t really trust doctors all too much and don’t go unless I feel it emergency. Probably stupid logic, but anyway… I know I have been suffering from depression though. I’m not sad, but just completely drained mentally and physically.

I had taken mushrooms as a teen [and in my] early twenties but in a ‘stay up all night watch movies, play video games and laugh’ kinda way, which I’m not opposed to. [The] past of couple years, listening to people like Amber Lyon on platforms such as the Joe Rogan Experience, has taught me the great benefits of psychedelics. So the past year or so, I have been looking for psilocybin.

I randomly bumped into an old friend who happened to have a couple grams left over. I took them last Saturday, [it’s] now Thursday. I did not get to go as deep into the rabbit hole as I would like, but it was still a great loving experience.

Better than the experience, since then I have felt like I have had a ten-thousand pound weight lifted off me. I have a weird fuzzy like feeling throughout my body. I’m smiling most of the day. And I’m not worried [about] all the minor things that would just eat away at me. I didn’t even think of those things while on my ‘trip’.

I thought I would let go of those feelings, but when I woke up those feelings were and are still gone. It’s truly a crime against society that psilocybin is not more easily accessible and accepted.

I wish I had a reliable source so I could reset every month to three months. Thank you Amber Lyon, and the Reset.Me staff for all the knowledge you are spreading; You have helped me — and my family by helping me — greatly. I plan on going real deep, if and when I can find more mushrooms, in the future. And plan to check back in here to let you know how it went.

Thanks everyone who spreads knowledge and positive energy in this strange realm we’re all dealing with.


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Hi Moose,
Thanks for sharing your story.
I too had similar experiences as a teen with Psilocybin. fter a 25 year haitus from psychedelics I took Psilocybin again in a completely different set and setting, alone on a hike in a pristine part of the BC wilderness. It was a beautiful re-introduction back to this sacred medicine.
My wife and I are hosting the second annual Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum in Victoria BC, October 2-3.
We will be exploring the healing potential of plant medicines with doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and many other pioneers in this field.

Add ॐ

Thanks for sharing your story man. I feel a similar way at this point in my life right now. Just drained.. all the time.


Cool stuff ty for sharing. I’m 35 and had a similar experience where for about 3 weeks my worry mind was just gone. I only did 1gm too.

Moose in lowell

Thanks staff for posting, thanks for the comments and likes and everyone, and most of all thanks to everyone else who shares their experiences and knowledge.

bryan s

Thanks Moose for sharing and i can relate to your experience. Just wanted to say that it’s not hard to get the supplies to grow your own. Best wishes.


lovely story, thanks for sharing.


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