Personal Story: How Psychedelics And Floatation Therapy Put Me On A Healing Path

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by Adam Marchacos

on August 20, 2015

Before I heard Joe Rogan’s podcast for the first time I had no idea of the potency or use of psychedelics as anything but a party drug. I had no idea that they have been used for centuries to reach mystical or religious experiences; I thought they were substances that kill brain cells and cause problems in life. When Joe started talking about the uses of mushrooms and DMT as ways to expand your awareness of consciousness, I became intrigued but never experienced them until two years ago when I tried magic mushrooms for the first time with a girlfriend.

The experience with this wonderful tool not only opened me up to a higher intelligence, I was able to go deeply within my soul to ask questions about reality, the social structure, and why I am who I am. Besides being incredibly fun, the healing that took place within myself was profound. I began researching more substances from the plant world until I came across ayahuasca. It scared me at first, but I knew that I needed to experience this next level of medicine. Something pulled me to Ecuador and eventually Costa Rica, where I took part in several ceremonies within a tight knit community that opened me up to not only my life’s purpose as a sound healer, but as a community leader and sharer of the medicine in all its forms.

When I came back to the U.S. I felt somewhat lost and disenfranchised with the social structure and the separation I felt in our society and knew that I needed to integrate these experiences better and began eagerly sharing my experiences with others. I started traveling and before I knew it found floatation therapy as my next venture.

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank allowed me to reach similar heights as those reached during an ayahuasca journey and [was a] way to make these experiences more mainstream without needing to travel to a foreign country to participate.

I believe ayahuasca and the San Pedro cactus pushed me along this path effortlessly to now finding a purpose in sharing floating and these medicines with the world through documenting my journey and the journeys of others as well as starting my first floatation center.

Thanks to Amber Lyon too, for paving the way and taking herself on to make this stuff more mainstream and available. Blessings to you, and thank you to the ONEness, to all who are seeking a path of truth.