How A Chance Encounter With LSD Helped Me Get My Life On Track


by Daniel Wilby

on October 16, 2014

At the age of 31 I was in really bad shape. I had been an alcoholic for 13 years, depressed for four, I hadn’t had a job in ages and I lived with my grandmother. I went through life in a haze where I constantly blamed all my failures and shortcomings on others.

By pure chance I was one day offered to buy ten hits of LSD. I bought it thinking that it would offer yet another way for me to escape. Had the dealer offered me opium, amphetamine or something else I would most likely also have said yes, because I wasn’t to worried with what I took, as long as I got wasted.

That weekend my friends and I drove out to an isolated farm. None of us really knew what to expect. At that time I had no idea what a chakra was. I did not even know the word.

A couple of hours after we took the acid my throat chakra opened up wide and from my neck a beam of energy shot straight out into the universe and connected me to everything. That allowed me to move outside myself, up the beam and observe.

When I saw myself from the outside, I saw that all the pain, all the sorrow, all the failures that I carried around and projected on other people, were in fact my own creations. The realization was that I truly created my own life. And just as I can create fog and pain and anger, I can choose to create clarity, liberation and harmony.

In that moment, I chose a different path. It required no effort, it was like turning on a light. Once I did so I no longer needed to think about it, because the light was lit. I chose to take control of my life again. I chose to take responsibility for my life and for my choices. I decided to sober up and begin to clear out the fog and the pain that blinded and enslaved me.

Then and there a new chapter of my life began. Three months later I was sober, on the road to recovery from my depression, I had a job and an apartment.

Since then I have worked intensly with my personal and spiritual development, assisted others in doing the same, solved three more addictions, found my shamanic path and changed careers. I have found joy, new friends, a family and have two wonderful children. I have worked with LSD, mushrooms and San Pedro, and have accumulated a wide range of techniques to work with myself and others.

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