Personal story


by Tony T

on June 30, 2015

Lately my life has been shifting into a place that I could not have imagined a few years ago. Let me bring you up to speed on my life up until this point.

Ever since I was very young (three), I would ask my parents questions. I remember during the early summer of ’98, I asked my mother how old she was and she told me that she was 38, so I then I said, “Oh so you are always going to be 38 and I will always be three.” She then told me that each year we got a year older and I actually understood her.

When I was three I was fully capable of completing any video game that I played: these included The Legend of Zelda games on the Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo as well as a variety of other games. The reason I mention this is because I was not simply playing them aimlessly, I truly knew how to play them and I actually completed most of the games I played during the ages of 4 through 6.

I always felt very connected to the planet especially at younger ages (4 to 6). But, for lack of a better way of putting it, I felt like I had lost my spirit. I was put on Dexedrine when I was young and I feel like that slumped my spiritual growth and hindered it.

Let’s fast forward to my life as a teenager. I never felt specifically happy, but I did stop using the ADD pills at about 13. When I stopped, my life changed very slightly. Almost as if a crack of light had opened up. I was optimistic. That would be a good way to explain myself between the ages of 13 to about 16

I started to branch out a bit. I had never really played sports or instruments but I started playing drums quite seriously at 14 until 17 and I still play them today. But spiritually, I still felt hindered

More recently I have been more open to being around other people. This has caused me to try things that I had never tried before

I will be honest, ever since I was 8 years old I knew about many of the drugs that existed. Coke, meth, heroin, acid, magic mushrooms, speed. I knew those ones existed because I had access to the Internet at a young age and I understood what they were. My parents would explain that they were like medication that is bad for you.

I knew about google so I googled them. I wasn’t worried about my parents finding out that I had googled them because my parents knew less about how the internet worked than I did. I found out that it wasn’t true that all of them were actually bad. And since then I have had a very very limited but still a knowledge that some of the laws might not necessarily be here to protect us, because the magic mushrooms fir example did not seem like a bad substance to me when I read about it at that age, and still doesn’t seem bad, so why is it deionized.

Now that was a lot of text! But you’re basically up to date almost.

Really lately, say the last three months, that optimism that opened up seems to be washing over me. More each day. And over the past week I have felt a very strong connection with a presence and with the earth and even other people. It’s hard to explain.

I started watching these videos I had never thought to watch before.

I watch some videos with Joe rogan, Terrence mckenna Graham Hancock and his speeches.

My father ordered me a book which arrived almost at the same time that I started getting these feelings to watch and learn more. I didn’t tell him I was watching these videos he didn’t even know, but the book is Supernatural by Graham Hancock! It blew my mind because I had just watched a video with Graham Hancock!

I feel like I want to help change to world by helping people see the beauty and the healing powers that certain plants can provide.

My endeavours with psilocybin have shown me that these teachers, these chemicals, whatever you want to call them, whether the experience is a hallucination or whether the contact is with a real living thing doesn’t seem to matter. The life lessons that are given are real.

I was shown the reality that life can cause us to face on psilocybin, it was like a horrible loop, my life was going through these patterns that I had somehow created and thought they were right. But then I was shown how life could really be and it was really like a reset button.

I now believe that I want to learn more about these plants and if there is any way that I can get more involved with this let me know.

To Amber Lyon, you’re story was an extremely important one to mine, I feel like my life is in a great place but I feel a calling that I can not ignore. The light if optimism is becoming a huge flame that I need to spread.

Thanks for reading this anyone who took the time! I appreciate any and all replies!