Sensory Deprivation While Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms

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by Jadiel Aedo

on August 11, 2014

I recently visited the floatlab in Venice, CA for my regular isolation tank visit. However, this time I consumed 7 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. I stepped inside the tank and lied down in the salt water. I immediately begin to float. It’s completely dark, and since my ears were underwater, I couldn’t hear anything either.

About 30 minutes into my relaxation, the mushrooms began to kick in.  I began to regret taking such a large quantity of mushrooms. I contemplate getting out and making myself throw up, but it’s too late. I start to freak out a little.  An insane amount of colors and complicated geometrical shapes begin to form across space. I hear trans music at full volume. At this point, I’m not having a pleasant experience. I notice my body isn’t relaxed anymore. It’s tensed up. So I take a deep breath and calm myself down. I begin to focus on my breathing. soon those intense colors and shapes become beautiful. And the loud trans music becomes a softer, drumming sound.

The rest of my experience was amazing. As I reflected on the things that make me the happiest. And I realize how much work I have ahead of me in order to become the happiest and healthiest person I can be. At the end of this 3 hour experience, I felt refreshed and relaxed. Like an overwhelming burden had been lifted from off my shoulders. However, I knew that if I didn’t put what I learned into effect immediately, it would’ve all been for nothing.

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Reading about someone else’s trip is as useless as reading about someone else’s dream. Why did I bother?

Charles Bundy

I have my doubts about the validity of this article. 7 grams is a HUGE amount for iso. 3 hours? Maybe peak in 3 hours. Ive done 5 in a tent in the woods at night and was still tripping at sunrise.


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