Personal Story: Ibogaine For Addictions — Full Trip Report

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by Tim Lazenby

on August 11, 2014

It all started at 10:12 AM Thursday morning: I swallowed 1g of ibogaine HCL and waited and frankly waited. I was getting a little annoyed after two hours as I thought I may have been ripped off. Then, from the corner of my vision, I saw the break up of light that usually accompanies an acid or mushroom experience — you know, that slight disturbance in the force.

I sat down as I noticed my vision blurring and my legs getting slightly wobbly underneath me. I was famished so ate a couple of things, I don’t remember what. [That was a] silly idea if this was to precede a bought of vomiting, because that’s what the literature that I have read said: “blurred vision and nausea will be accompanied by bouts of vomiting.” I vomited and vomited and vomited.

There seemed no end to it all and whilst I felt that a bunch of gremlins where going about my body beating the shit out of every organ. I also felt loved and that this was for my own good. “OMG,” this distant voice said to me, “What have you been taking?” On more than one occasion I ‘felt’ the guiding touch of some pre-ancient earth mother, taking me, guiding me, mostly to the bathroom. And the visions, ancient faces, faces from another time, crowded my mind. Was I just making them up to suit the occasion or were they really there? So, basically, I puked for peace for the whole damned world.

Now the puke was interesting though, because apart from a few bits and bobs, it wasn’t the contents of my stomach, because I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours. No, one of my pukes looked like red blood cells, like maybe the lining of something that wasn’t required anymore. The last one was the strangest though. This was Friday late morning, the puking had subsided, I just had a very acid stomach, so took some bicarb. The puke that followed was kind of like a soupy creamy mess, tinged with green bits of what looked like cabbage particles, very strange. So Friday I was still wobbly as hell, and really couldn’t venture out of my house, although the cupboard was bare and I was famished.

So by about 12:00 PM I gathered my self together and went out for provisions, only buying milk and few biscuits. I didn’t want to over load my system and [wanted to] ease myself into a normal eating regime gradually. I ate a few biscuits, drank some milk and slept fitfully the rest of the day, occasionally waking for the toilet and more water. I then awoke this morning, like, well, like brand new. Like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I’m a drinker you see, other things as well, but drink is or rather was my poison.

It’s early days, but I can say hand on heart that I don’t want a drink, but its more like this though; Been there done that, time to move on with my life, a life without alcohol and drugs — the bad ones anyway.

So for anyone reading this who is considering ibogaine, especially if you have an addiction, I say go for it. But follow all the advice and whilst I did this at home on my own, I’m not recommending it. It’s as scary as hell and twice as nasty.