Personal Story: A Guide To The Ideal DMT Experience

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by Mike

on August 11, 2014

So, let me first start off by stating that the goal of this article is to encourage safe usage of DMT exploration by promoting what I believe might be the ideal way to experience it for the first time or any time. I arrived here after multiple experiences with the medicine over the course of a few years. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to scroll down to the summary at bottom, where I’ve laid out my ideal setting & practice.


I first learned about ayahuasca and DMT through The Joe Rogan Experience, when I heard Aubrey Marcus and Doug Stanhope’s testimonies about its use. I was intrigued and like most responsible drug users, I started my personal research to see what the safest way to use the drug was. I began reading Rick Strassman’s book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, watched the movie, and read numerous articles on ayahuasca and DMT online.

Originally, I’d found and bought the ingredients to create ayahuasca online and tried to make the brew myself. I was unsuccessful multiple times and, after becoming frustrated, decided to give up that pursuit. I don’t recommend doing that as even if I was successful, it likely wouldn’t have been a good experience given the length of the effect and lack of a guide/shaman. Fortunately, the stars would align and I would soon get a hold of pure DMT in powder form, from a friend of mine.

I first tried smoking DMT via one-hitters. I didn’t have much of it, so I was frustrated when I swallowed it (rather than smoked it) by inhaling too hard on the hitter. If you do smoke it on a clean one-hitter, inhale very slowly so as not to waste it. Once I was able to smoke it properly, I still didn’t “break through” as I couldn’t get too big of a hit. With very little DMT left after a few mild experiences, I said “screw it” and packed up my bong with what was left. That sure did the trick. Two giant hits later, I broke through — watching the world around me vanish as I entered a realm of 360 degree vision, time distortion, and an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness that was beyond what words could describe.

All that said, I couldn’t help feeling my set and setting was less than ideal — because I was uncomfortable and had shortness of breath that held me back from full enjoyment. I was now out of DMT, and could not improve the experience by starting over. It’s why I’m writing this article — I want you to avoid wasting what’s a very precious commodity. At that point, I felt fortunate to have the experiences I had. But when you have an experience that takes away your fear of death, you wouldn’t mind doing it again. I’m not lying when I say DMT does exactly that — it removes your fear of death.

Fast forward a year or two, and I have more DMT. I knew it was time to improve the process, and I did.

Ideal Environment And Setting

I’ve sat in a recliner, a bean bag chair, and a variety of other positions — and ultimately I found that sitting relaxed with your feet up and slightly laying back feels the best. If you have a recliner, a psychiatrist’s type chair, or a couch with a leg rest — I recommend using those. Get yourself a blanket and cover yourself from your feet to above your waist. Set and setting is so important. If you are completely comfortable, the experience is pure bliss. So sit back, relaxed, and under a blanket, ready to enjoy yourself.


I’ve found that listening to something soothing, particularly without lyrics, significantly aids the peacefulness of the experience. I often meditate to Kelly Howell’s Brainsync meditations, and using the Ecstasy one has proved particularly magnificent — especially in noise canceling headphones. No, I’m not tied to Kelly Howell in any way. I’m just being specific about what I like. The thing about having the audio is that it serves as your connection back to reality. Music, particularly orchestra or melodic music, becomes something different altogether when you’re on DMT. It’s as if you are riding the wavelengths in spirit form. Make it count!

You should also be careful what you play. A friend of mine chose to play his favorite Modest Mouse song while doing this once —  and as “spirit,” he immediately felt overwhelmed with the pain and suffering of his favorite lead singer, humanity, and a million other stream of consciousness thoughts that accompanied only 10 seconds of the song. He had to turn it off fast, distracting from the sacred experience. Stick with something melodic and uplifting. It’s worth it.


If you don’t have something to concentrate on, the visuals of your environment will quickly morph as you get closer to breaking through. What I’ve found is that this is often distracting —  because so many of the things in your home have individual backgrounds and meaning. You’ll think about everything on earth about your lamp or whatever you’re staring at on DMT. Better to pick something enjoyable to concentrate on, so that the experience is its own (assuming you’re still seeing the things around you at all).

Personally, I really, really enjoy watching Youtube visualizations using Chromecast on my TV. Watching the video “The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope” video is exceptional. You will absolutely get lost in the colors and nuances of the animation, while you travel to another dimension.


It really doesn’t take much DMT to lift you off by Volcano. I recommend using a thick toothpick or skewer to scoop the DMT onto the bowl screen. How much? Only 2 or 3 scoops max. Start small and you can always go bigger the next time. You should not be anywhere close to using the same dosage as you would cannabis in the Volcano. Put those 2-3 small scoops in a flat pile in the middle of the screen. It will be entirely gone when you’re done vaporizing. It’s not like cannabis, which leaves behind brown material to remove.


Little did I know that you could vaporize DMT, but I’m sure glad I found out. Being a frequent cannabis user, I love the Volcano. Unfortunately, there’s not much online that talks about the right temperature and settings, but I was eventually able to find and confirm them. My opinion is that the best way to vaporize DMT is by setting the Volcano to 375 degrees — and (important note) — turning the fan on to start filling the bag at 340 degrees. By the time the temperature reaches 375 degrees, you should have a full bag of DMT vapor — the perfect amount to experiment with. Take a puff or two, or inhale the whole bag. Find your comfort zone.

One Last Idea

If you want to, keep your cell phone handy and record yourself discussing what happened, immediately after the DMT experience. It’ll be hard to put your experience into words — but it’ll be even harder to remember it at all once a day or two passes. Record yourself and your insights so that you can enjoy them later — and remember them easier down the road. It’s particularly great when doing this with a friend or spouse, as the discussions are often amusing and fun.


  • 1. Pack your Volcano with 2-3 very small scoops of DMT.
  • 2. Get comfy, under a blanket, sitting with feet up on a couch or recliner.
  • 3. Put a soothing or visually stimulating video on your TV in front of you.
  • 4. Play something equally soothing via headphones, noise canceling if possible.
  • 5. Load the Volcano close by. Turn it on with a 375 degree temperature. As the temperature rises, start to inflate the bag when the Volcano passes 340 degrees.
  • 6. Once the bag is full, turn off the Volcano fan, release the bag, put the valve bag on, take a deep breath, and inhale the DMT vapor to the extent you see fit. Finish the entire bag if you want to go furthest.
  • 7. Enjoy the other side.
  • 8. Record your thoughts immediately afterward on your cell phone.

PS: I realize a lot of the things mentioned above are super-expensive and will not be readily available. But the reality is that if you get ahold of some DMT, all you really need is a comfy spot, a blanket, headphones, your computer (audio/video), and a way to vape/smoke DMT. It’s still an ideal environment in my book. When you’re aware of how all these things influence your experience, you really can’t go wrong.

Enjoy bliss and be sure to report back if you’re able to try any or all of this.

Good luck!


Edited lightly for typos and clarity.

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