My Extremely Spiritual Experience With Psilocybin Mushrooms


by Shockaboom

on August 11, 2014

This is the story about my extremely spiritual experience with psilocybin. Around the time of my experience, I was reading much about my own culture. I am Native American. My culture is very deep-rooted into spirituality. I have always loved using hallucinogens recreationally.

One thing I learned about dealing with psychoactive plants or plants in general, was that my people always talked to them, or prayed whilst dealing with them. I thought I would try this sincerely. Before the experience, I prayed and asked for protection, guidance, and truth. I thanked the mushrooms.

During my trip, I noticed deep and vivid colored streaks of light. Then all of a sudden there was an abrupt change in the atmosphere; a chilling feeling that can only be described as that of Spiderman’s spider sense. My mind and body was alerting me that something was wrong. Numerous cramps sent all of these pain signals throughout my body to my brain. I thought, “This is it! I’m dying!” It was a frightening and unpleasant feeling. I struggled and battled to keep my consciousness.

When it was too much to endure, I reached for the sky and told God, “I’m done. I can’t fight this anymore. If I am to die, I am ready. Take me! Help me!” I let go and suddenly was blasted off into space. Then I realized I wasn’t “I” anymore, I was my spirit in its entirety. It was so peaceful and so loving. It felt more real than this life we live as we know and experience it. There was no space, nor time. This experience is very difficult to explain.

Angels then came and surrounded me. I could not see what they looked like because I believe, in spirit, we do not use our human eyes. I could feel it — they were huge! They were family. It was the best feeling I have ever had. They told me they were there to find me, to let me know everything was okay and that no matter what happens afterwards, everything would be fine.

They then gave me a message from my creator. The message was a vision about my whole life, my decisions, and even my future. I’ve never experienced such clarity and perspective about my own life. My questions were answered. I was reassured. Then the angels took me back. When I came to, I was gasping for air. I had been gone for a lifetime. I could not remember anything — not even my own name.

After a few minutes, all of these memories rushed back into my head. I had only been out for an hour. I thank God for this profound experience. It deeply changed me and the way I think. I was a more loving person. My anxiety was gone. I had a true realization about my spirituality. I knew the truth.

Thank you for reading, listening, and most importantly, allowing me to share this experience. Love and peace!

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Yvo Mak


Thank you for sharing your story Shockaboom — it was really moving.


Your last sentences… “I *was* a more loving person. My anxiety *was* gone. I *had* a true realization about my spirituality. I *knew* the truth.”

These are all past tense… do you feel, right now, that you are still… a more loving person, without anxiety, with true spirituality?


Trust in vision


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