DMT Helped Me Experience Pure Unconditional Love and Happiness

Via: Surkov Vladimir


by Pete

on August 11, 2014

Before I even took my first hit, my heart was already racing in my chest from the anticipation. I had tried DMT before on three separate occasions, all unsuccessful. Previously I had burned the DMT instead of vaporizing it, which was my method of ingestion this time. Although I had done as much research as the internet would allow me to do, and I had watch and listened to several first hand testimonials from people who had taken DMT before, there was nothing in this world that could prepare me for the journey I was about to take. Before taking the hose for my first his, I took three long, deep breaths to ease the beating in my chest. After that I was ready for blastoff.

I took the hose of the vaporizer and put it to my lips, taking my first hit. I drew the hit for 10-15 seconds and held it for no less than 30 seconds. After exhaling that first hit, I began to feel the DMT start to take effect almost instantly. My heart began to race again but I also felt a calming sensation come over my whole body. Lying on the couch, looking up at the ceiling, I began to see the faint outline of complex geometric patterns forming above me. I brought the hose back to my lips for the second hit, this one just as big as the last, holding it in for no less than half a minute. After exhaling my second hit, my body felt completely at ease and my mind emptied of all thought. The patterns on the ceiling were gradually becoming more intricately detailed as they morphed in and out of one another, slowly coming closer to me. I pulled the sleeping mask over my eyes before taking my third and final hit. I remember taking my last hit, but after that, I was gone. I became enveloped in a beautiful vast spectrum of sacred geometrical structures that were flying past me at incredible speed, displaying every shade of color imaginable. Without realizing it, I had broken though and was on my way, but this was just the beginning. I had totally left my physical self, losing all sense of time, who or where I was. I did not know where I was going or what would happen but I was not afraid. We are constantly surrounded by an unseen world that our primitive senses cannot detect. I was no longer myself, I wasn’t human, I was merely an observer of pure consciousness shooting though an ethereal plain of striking fractal patterns and color.

I flew though this beautiful spectrum for what felt like an eternity. After some time, the patterns and shapes began to coalesce and form into giant structures. As the spectrum faded away, I realized I was looking upon a giant floating city in what appeared to be the sky. The area surrounding the building was a beautiful shade of blue with semi-transparent white wisps floating all around giant structures that were the color of gold and emerald. The “building” that was closest to me was giant and cube-shaped, with a massive golden bronze staircase leading up to it. On the stairs were two creatures sitting in silence. From my vantage point I could not tell what type of creatures they were, but they appeared to resemble Lynx. On either side of the staircase were two tall slender objects that looked like Egyptian Obelisks, each one with a glowing orb hovering above it. Everything I saw was astonishing and I had an overwhelming sense of peace come over me while I observed this place. It had a strange sense of familiarity as well, like I belonged here or had been to this place sometime in the past. I lingered in front of the giant cube shaped building, observing the floating city for a very long time.

As I looked over the city, my vision suddenly became pixelated like a computer screen and my view seemed to crash like a computer and everything went black. Although I could not see anything, I felt like a small round ball and very tightly compact. I also began to feel afraid, I had no reason to be afraid but I was. In front of me I saw a small orb emitting a red-orange light as it began to grow in size in front of me. Suddenly I started to see flashes of a hospital room. I saw a man in a white coat that was a doctor and a woman in scrubs that was a nurse. I remember seeing the rails of the hospital bed too but mostly I recall seeing the tiles on the ceiling of the room. The feeling of fear continued to grow even stronger before I suddenly began to feel a loving presence around me. I could not tell who or what this presence was but I knew it was a maternal feminine presence and it kept telling me “It’s okay.” The hospital environment around me began to dissolve around me. I could feel something communicating with me. I found myself suspended in space floating freely. Even though I was outside of my body I felt a huge smile come over my face. I was back flying through the spectrum of light again, but this time there were some sort of mechanisms moving in, out and around the various colors and patterns. The feminine presence began to speak to me again, this time repeatedly saying “Everything is going to be just fine.” I had no reason to trust this voice but I did, and a wave of euphoria came over me, making me realize we are surrounded by unconditional love and everything we know is made of love. I had no reason to be afraid of anything. We are all one singular being and what we are is the purest form of love.

The colorful patterns continued to dance around me as I began to hear my friend ask me a question. I was not sure what he said but I instinctively answered him, as I began to watch the spectrum fade from view. As I lifted to sleeping mask off my eyes, I was still receiving the message, “Everything is going to be just fine.” As I examined the room I could briefly still see square patterns of gold and emerald dancing all around me. I looked at my hands and thought they looked beautiful. I glanced over at a painting hanging on the far side of the room, which was a painting of Venice, Italy, but when I looked at it I saw the cube-shaped building from the sky city. As the patterns faded into nothingness, there a was moment when I lost all sense of who I was, where I was, what I was doing there, who I was with, still feeling like just an observer. After a second or two my mind caught up with everything I had just experienced. I was back in my friends house lying on the couch, not really knowing when I had left. For a second my environment did not seem real. I had left my physical body and was shot out into the outer reaches of the cosmos, somewhere very far from Earth. I felt at peace, incredibly happy, feeling nothing but love while the phrase, “Everything is going to be just fine” repeating in the back of my mind. For a second I felt like I was back in the hospital setting but it quickly faded. Having never tripped before I did not realize what I had just experience until it was over. I had left my body for what seemed like an eternity. I turned to my friend and asked him how long I was gone and he told me it had been five minutes. I realized my fears, worries and doubts were all just wasted energy that could be better spent on something loving instead. I felt content with myself for the first time in a long time.
After hearing myself explain the trip to my friend, I realized I had a total out of body, near death experience. I died, went to the afterlife, whatever that place may be, re-experienced my own birth and finally experienced pure unconditional love and happiness.

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