Personal Story: DMT Gave Me Hope

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by Jame

on August 11, 2014

I was on a very self destructive path, one that without the experience I’m going to share I would still be on.

A close friend who heard me talking about what I had been reading about on the subject asked if I would like to try it, and soon I was at her place, and she was walking me through what to do. Using a light bulb, I took a hit, I don’t really remember the second, third, or fourth… but she said every time she leaned in to help me hit the makeshift pipe I hit it.

When she lifted the pipe from my lips, it was as if time had sped up and stopped at the same time. Fractals were coming in from all corners of the room, but they were more advanced then anything I had seen before.

Then these beings appeared; I could see no face, just shadows, or outlines rather, and they were singing this hum that I could almost not hear, but I felt and knew was beautiful.

They scanned me with beams of light coming from their hands from head to toe, then they were dancing and flying up to my face, then through me.

There were times when I looked on the walls and saw bits of my life flashing before my eyes — repressed memories I had long since forgotten.

That experience gave me hope for something better, and I hope it helps any who are curious about this thing to go out and try it. Even though it is different for everyone, the experience is always worth it.


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