Personal Story: My First DMT Experience — An Adventure With Old Friends

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by Tim Marchant

on August 11, 2014

Wow! Let me start off by expressing how beautiful it is to be alive in this weird physical “reality” thing we have going on. Also, I’ve recently been pretty open about my psychedelic use and I’m not ashamed at all. If you think what I’m doing is wrong, I feel bad for you. You’ve been tricked. Unshackle your consciousness and adventure into the self to get a better understanding of what it is to be.

I feel that psychedelics can help everyone, but I’d never push them on anyone. If you choose not to have a psychedelic experience, you should also choose not to judge something you know nothing about. I never have and never will use any harmful or physically addictive drugs. I’m not a drug user. I am drugs.

Now, onto this thing called DMT, which stands for the chemical dimethyltryptamine, and is found in all living things. It’s also produced during heavy REM sleep, and gets dumped when your body thinks it’s going to die. There are scientists that believe DMT is responsible for religious encounters that occur during near death experiences. I’ve been interested in DMT for a long time and figured it would be good to experience before my upcoming ayahuasca (tea containing DMT) retreat, which I’ll write about in another post.

First Attempt To ‘Breakthrough’

I’ve read about many different ways to smoke DMT, but my only option at the time was a bong. I put some ash at the bottom, .25g of DMT on top of the ash, and a little more ash on top of the DMT (just enough to cover the powder). I was sitting at the edge of a bed and took three hits (probably not nearly as big as I should’ve), and patterns started emerging all over the room.

I was getting lost in all of the spirals and achieved an extremely euphoric state, which led me to believe I was about to “breakthrough,” so I put the bong down and laid down. With eyes open I was still aware of the room I was in, but when I closed my eyes I was somewhere else (what seemed to be space). It’s hard to remember much of what I was seeing, but I could still hear everything going on around me in the physical world. This didn’t last too long and I realized I didn’t ‘breakthrough.’

Second And Successful Attempt To ‘Breakthrough’

I allowed myself enough time to recover, and then did my best to mentally prepare myself for another attempt. I was really nervous about my second attempt because I knew how close I was and what I needed to do for the full experience. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, then started to hit the bong another three times. At the end of my third hit, I hit the same euphoric state, so I made a decision to take a final and massive hit.

The hit was intense and led to some choking and burning in my throat. “Reality” was starting to dissolve and, before I knew it, I was propelled into another dimension full of love, beautiful shapes and colors, and what seemed to be friends I’ve known all my life.

Wherever I was, I can honestly say I’ve never felt so welcomed and loved in my entire existence. The love I was feeling was overwhelming. It felt as if the universe was hugging my entire being. I can do my best to try and explain the feeling in many different ways, but language will do no justice. This was some next level love all human beings deserve to feel.

As for my surroundings, I remember so many different morphing shapes and colors. Everything from what seemed to be the ground and walls was ever-changing, and it was happening so extremely fast it was figuratively hard to point my finger at one. It was a beautiful place without flaws, but I think that was because flaws didn’t exist in this dimension.

The wildest part of this adventure was meeting up with my old friends. I don’t know how I knew them, but I know we’ve met before. It’s hard to say what my friends actually looked like, but I’m gonna go with 3D stick people.

The majority of my experience in this dimension was spent zooming around with them at incredible speeds. Also, the overwhelming love I talked about was from them. There were certain areas that felt eerie and my friends would look at me and shake their index fingers from side to side, as if they were telling me not to go that way. I listened and stayed away from the weird energy emanating from the alternate paths. I had complete trust in my friends, so there was no way I was going to leave them, especially when they made it seem wrong.

I remember thinking about my humanness, and that’s when my friends let me know nothing mattered in this dimension. They started to morph around crazily and, without words, we were communicating. I was thrown off a little bit when one of my friends removed my face and placed it on one of them. I watched one of them zoom around with my face. I understood. It didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. We’re all the same. We’re all in this together.

The last part of my experience is extremely hard to remember. All I know is I was in a room with some being sitting on a chair. I can’t remember what it looked like, or what we talked about, but I know we had a discussion. This part is really foggy, but I had the impression I had an option to stay or return home. I had the craziest happy/sad feeling and all I could think about was my family. I experienced a friendly tug-of-war like feeling before I was dropped off back home. I remember coming back with the biggest smile and my arms wrapped around my body, as if I was hugging myself.

I’m still trying to understand everything that happened from this experience, which was definitely the most powerful I’ve had. I do know that I will continue to do my best at being nice to everyone I come into contact with. We’re all connected in some strange way we don’t understand. We need to help each other out more. We need to show each other more love. We need to make sure our fellow human beings understand that we care about them.

Are you with me? I love you. Yes, YOU!


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