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Ryan Keating age 32

Preventative Health Care

Salt Lake City, Utah

Personal Story: Psychedelics Are A Powerful Tool To Promote Healing
Marvin age 28

Full-time Traveler and Writer

Delray Beach, Florida

Personal Story: MDMA Helped Me To Love And Forgive The World — Including Myself

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  • Have Psychedelics Given You A Glimpse Of The Divine?

    A team led by Dr. Roland Griffiths at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is currently soliciting people who have experience with psychedelics to complete a survey and describe any encounters they have had with God, a higher power, ultimate reality or an emissary of God — note that “God” in this context refers to whatever understanding of God is held by the individual taking the survey, not confined to or excluding any particular religion, spiritual belief or means of worship.

  • Psychedelics For Addiction Being Studied Outside Of The Lab

    Researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are conducting an anonymous online survey to investigate the relationship between psychedelic use and addiction.

  • Study: MDMA Can Help Silence Self-Criticism

    If you just can’t give yourself a break, psychedelics might hold the answer. MDMA can help people reduce their self-critical impulses and instead help them to treat themselves with more compassion, new research has discovered.

  • Study Of MDMA-Therapy For Death-Related Anxiety Launches

    A newly approved study on the effects of MDMA in reducing end-of-life anxiety for people with serious illness is moving forward, with subject screening initiated in mid-April.

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