Mission Statement

I've spent almost seven years now isolated in the rainforest in an intense solo study with ayahuasca, plant medicines and ancient meditation techniques to investigate how to help humanity heal.

And what I've come to understand is that healing the human species begins with the individual. Your decision to heal can and will help the collective.

In order to restore yourself to optimal integrity permanently you must heal the mind, body, and soul together. You must hit the reset button and return to the original divine vibration of peace and love while shedding toxic fears and emotions birthed from childhood trauma that attract and feed illness.

Reset.me's mission is to empower you to heal yourself. Only you can truly do this. To assist that, Reset.me will connect you to the natural medicines, therapies, and ancient information that will help you transform your life.

The Mind

Changing the mind is the most powerful factor in eliminating illness. You can think your way into illness, and think your way out of it. Your thoughts truly create your reality. Reset.me will connect you to the ancient yogic wisdom, meditation techniques, plants, and natural therapies that will help you change your beliefs and attune your mind to healing frequencies of Source.

The Body

Reset.me will connect our readers to the miraculous, healing natural plants of Pachamama (the earth) that empower you to cure yourself. Non-synthetic, psychedelic plants and fungi can help you change your consciousness and beliefs to think your way out of illness into health. Other plants can help you remedy specific organs and defects in the body and strengthen your immune system.

Reset.me will also help connect you to scientific healing techniques that will help you repair your body with the power of will, concentration and breath.

The Soul

We are ailing as a species because we have disconnected from our Creator and the healing life-force energy that attunement with this frequency provides. God and his healing rays live at the frequency of love, peace and joy, but much of humanity is living in the opposite frequency of fear, anger and greed - frequencies that shut out the positive life force. All illness is a result of stagnant or low life force energy in the body.

Reset.me will provide journalism to help you return your frequency to the God frequency (love, peace, joy) and to understand who and what God is from a universal, completely non-religious perspective so you can begin to reconnect to God's cosmic energy frequency.

Fear of death

Fear, and the consequential anxiety and hyper vigilance it creates, is a magnet that attracts sickness, and the glue that holds chronic illness in place. Due to the rampant programming of child abuse and childhood trauma within humanity, we have an unnatural, elevated fear of death that has disempowered us - and is literally killing us.

Reset.me will connect you to journalism teaching you how to heal your childhood traumas to shed that toxic fear of death and replace it with faith, peace, love and joy - all which help raise your vibration out of illness.


The team at Reset.me wants to help you expand your consciousness of the reality of the Universe and vitalize your sense of wonder and understanding of Creation. Knowledge is a fear-killer. When you can truly grasp the interconnectivity in nature and the meaning and timelessness of ever-evolving life, you can restore your faith in the Universe and have a better understanding of all the planetary changes happening now.

Spiritual Warriors

Permanent healing of the body, mind, and soul is a solo journey. It's a journey we all must take at some point during our incarnations. Why not this lifetime? No one can heal you for you - healing takes incredible will power, courage, and control of the mind. It's the journey of a Spiritual Warrior!

As the human species enters this new era of super viruses, super bugs, chronic mental and physical illness and overwhelming collective fear, we must integrate the darkness within that attracts illness to raise our vibration to a level that illness cannot attach.

The time to get started is now and the team at Reset.me intends to connect you to information that will help make your healing journey as successful and empowered as possible.

Sending love, courage, will power, and peace!

Amber Lyon
Peru, Dec 2020

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To produce and aggregate journalism covering natural therapies and medicines, health and spirituality.

To support the global plant medicine community and continue discussion around these healing substances.

To provide ample safety news and expert advice in order to promote harm reduction.