Watch: Entering Godmode — How Entheogens Tap Us Into The Divine

by April M. Short

on March 19, 2015

“The word entheogenic means God-facilitating.”

This is how Jason Silva’s latest video begins. The beanie-and-sweatshirt-clad spoken word freestyler releases a video each week in which he chews over such topics as human consciousness, societal systems, existence itself, and the allure of scientific thought. In this rendition he is sitting on a cliff above the ocean, discussing the altered states of consciousness brought forth by entheogens, a type of psychoactive substances that includes ayahuasca, DMT, iboga, cannabis, psilocybin, salvia, MDMA and many others. He describes a phenomenon happening now, across humanity, that he calls the “entheogenic revolution.”

Dubbing these ecstasy-enducing substances “God hacks,” he explains that they are tools that “can act as conduits” and mediators for “encounters with the numinous.”

He quotes Terence McKenna who said, “Do not give into the astonishment,” and says “the realization that reality is but a matrix of perception, that we can pierce that veil… is astonishing.”

Against a swirling backdrop of starscapes, ‘rabbit holes’ and other superimposed special effects, Silva explains that philosopher Mircea Eliade spoke about “Techniques of Ecstasy,” describing shamans as “literally ecstatic technicians of the sacred.”

Within all of us, Silva says, is the ability to “hack in” to the divine, and that via entheogens “we actually are able to create conditions, to create spaces for all of us to become statisticians of the sacred.”

Watch Silva’s poetic  narration below:

 Written by April M. Short.

  • Deanna Phelps

    Love it!

  • Cavendish

    Love this site, but this guy puts me off.

  • Bradley

    I think you’re overanalyzing, and making inaccurate gender-based generalizations. Just because you don’t understand the guy, doesn’t mean he’s pompous. (And if you’re going to insult someone, at least spell the words properly.)

  • dunzop donland

    Silva is pure enthusiasm and it rubs off. These videos are mental fire.

  • Heather Ann

    you are on to something Cavendish. I agree and also my Spirituality understanding varies slightly. We are like Gods and can perform through God- so maybe God Hack is a good analogy…but how do you describe what you pray to or send energy to if you are so content “being” or “playing” G-d”
    Did you know is Judaism, they wont write the word God- they spell it G-d? Im not jewish either but just found that out more recently and thought I would share that.

  • ac1d

    I feel he needs to stay a little more still, and try not to talk like he just took a huge bong rip 2 minutes ago, otherwise lovely stuff.

  • anseio

    That he puts you off is your issue and yours alone. He bears none of the burden for how you perceive him.

    To me, he does not seem pompous. He’s proclaiming and professing. If you find that this approach does not work for you, then you are better suited seeking out people who won’t have this effect on you.

  • anseio

    Some of us gesticulate when we talk. The more passionate we are on the subject matter, the grander the gesticulation.

  • ac1d

    Yeah, you’re right. I’m a pretty still person, and probably just distracted.

  • countryrd

    This has been known for ages and feared for just that reason. The authorities – organized religions and governments of all kinds – share an insane fear of this. In the late 60’s and early 70’s there was a rise in cults of all kinds as a direct response to psychedelics and the search for a so-called natural path to this experience without these substances. While that is possible it takes time and a very supporting environment which is lacking for the great majority while these substances open these doors and provide the immediate no questions asked personal experience of the fact that we are the authors of reality. The major difference between now and that time period is our connectivity. Here we have a community dedicated to exploring the uses of psychedelics and can report back that yes there is hope that we can change our respective societies and cultures and provide hope in a otherwise hopeless and meaningless situation of continuing degradation of our societies, environment and world. Terence McKenna and others like him have said this. They are the prophets, philosophers and poets leading the way for the kind of change that must occur if this species and world is to continue in a form that we can recognize.

  • countryrd

    So you do not like the messenger. That is certainly understandable. But do you like the message? That is what matters.

  • Brian K

    The real tragedy is the music sound track is so freaking loud you can barely hear what he’s even saying…

  • snorpthus


    Abandon this colorful, emotional, scientifically-bankrupt, self-aggrandizing, grandiloquent rhetoric here and cut to the damn chase! The improving of the behavioral health of our species shouldn’t require babbling ‘entheogenic’ clowns like this gentlemen.

    SO HERE IT IS IN TRUCK DRIVER’S ENGLISH, FOLKS: Get over yourself, put in the effort to discover your passiosn (what it is you do that you do better than anyone else AND enjoy doing), wake up every morning hungry to become a master of your unique gifts, and go the bed every night thirsty for more all the while supplementing your income by moonlighting with a less-than-perfect job and never abandoning your responsibilities to work, friends, and family.

    Strive to pay off all of your debts with the help of a budget and live within or below your means. Never be afraid to admit fault or ignorance, and never shy from asking for help.

    And another thing: every one of you has what it takes to make a difference in the world and generate wealth. Avoid jealously like the plague and replace it with inspiration from those who you perceive to be more successful, more talented, more beautiful, and happier than you.

    Master the art of distinguishing a truth from a lie, ESPECIALLY when you’re lying to yourself (saying “I’m fat” when you’re 5lbs overweight, or that “it will get done tomorrow”). The big lie is that some people are special and some are not.

    The true equation: Dreamers=Losers / Doers=Winners. And for us perfectionists here, think of Facbeook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s quote: “Done is better than perfect”.

    Educate yourself and never forget where you came from as you rise to the top. The greater your success, the greater your humility and gratitude should be. Don’t say shit like, “I’m blessed”. What…like God took time away from terminally-ill cancer patients today to fucking bring you an ice-cream cone dipped in hubris?! To say your blessed, considering the conditions of many struggling on this planet, is to proclaim your own superiority over others. Get that one through your skull, bonehead!

    And the next time you find yourself in front of a beautiful sunny beach in the dead of winter with a smartphone snapping selfies while all of your ‘friends’ are freezing their asses off in cold climates, you should feel ashamed to post it on Facebook with the clichéd tagline, “My office for the day”. Go to hell with that garbage and GET TO WORK! No middle man required.

  • snorpthus

    Cavendish: to say that women stay more grounded is proof that you don’t know the first thing about women and if you are a woman, clearly don’t understand yourself. However, to Anseio, this gentlemen is a clown. Nothing wrong with a clown: they’re very funny and colorful…but, similar to my criticisms towards Christian teachings, I don’t see why all of this scientifically-void, Bodhi Baba Blabbering is necessary to get the point across to people that they make their own luck and are, in most cases, far more capable than they imagine were they to just get off their asses and take a few chances.

  • anseio

    Have you had one of these experiences yet?
    There’s a difference between taking a risk and taking a risk with the full knowledge of who and what you are.

  • snorpthus

    Totally agree with you on how there’s a huge difference between a risk and a CALCULATED risk. Calculated risks are one of the most important moves one can make in life if they want to truly be successful at achieving a goal. Without the calculation, you’re just as good buying lottery tickets as a long-term strategy. Curious: what do you mean about “have you had one of these experiences yet”? Are you referring to the use of an entheogenic compound?

  • Katerina

    Exactly what I needed to Re-Member today…
    I can always count on this guy, Jason Silva:)

    He does what he does best:
    Delivers delicious mind-bending concepts that run through each of my cells reflecting back the truth that the roadmap, the secrets, and the key to the mystery of the Cosmos are all within.

  • Energy Gatherer

    This guy puts me off too. I’m a guy and I probably have to agree with your assessment. There’s nothing wrong with confidence as long as it’s accompanied with humility.

  • Dudley Pacox

    Principles before personalities, stop pointing your fingers at each other. I came to this site to learn and you commentators have to find something wrong with the video, the person speaking, the comment of others…my god shut the fuck up and learn something

  • newlibertarian

    Eat more acid.

  • Dragona72

    I am a woman and I really don’t understand your comment,everyone has their own perception in their own world! I see no pompous energy here at all…
    I saw this as enlightening, it brought me to joyous tears,made me feel energized,and powerfully confident in my realm of being!!!

  • Dragona72


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