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Studies Show Ginger May Be Stronger Than Chemo At Fighting Cancer Cells

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by Aaron Kase

on May 20, 2015

Cancer is one of humankind’s greatest modern scourges. We subject ourselves to horrifically toxic treatments to try to stem its assault, but it still claims millions of victims every year. However, there are several studies that have shown that an all-natural remedy made of ginger root could be more effective against certain types of cancer than more harmful interventions like chemotherapy and radiation.

In 2007, the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study that demonstrated ginger’s ability to combat ovarian cancer, which is the most deadly cancer of the female reproductive system, according to the American Cancer Society. The ginger works by blocking the cancer from growing, limiting its ability to spread.

“Ginger inhibits growth and modulates secretion of angiogenic factors in ovarian cancer cells,” the study states. “The use of dietary agents such as ginger may have potential in the treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer.”

Photo: Elena Schweitzer | Shutterstock

Photo: Elena Schweitzer | Shutterstock

Another study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center discovered an even more promising effect — ginger actually caused the death of ovarian cancer cells in a lab. The breakthrough could be truly groundbreaking, since cancer that is treated with chemo has a tendency to recur and can build up resistance to it over time. If ginger can kill the cancer outright, that’s a far better solution.

Then, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2012 found that ginger also shows extraordinary effects against prostrate cancer, which will afflict one in six men in the United States.

“Whole ginger extract (GE) exerts significant growth-inhibitory and death-inductory effects in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells,” the study states. “Comprehensive studies have confirmed that GE perturbed cell-cycle progression, impaired reproductive capacity, modulated cell-cycle and apoptosis regulatory molecules and induced a caspase-driven, mitochondrially mediated apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells.”

In other words, the ginger actually tricks the cancer cells into killing themselves. As a result, it shrank prostate tumors by an average of 56 percent.

Photo: Maya Kruchankova | Shutterstock

Photo: Maya Kruchankova | Shutterstock

The study points out the most amazing part of all about ginger cancer treatments — it’s non-toxic. While conventional therapies like chemo and radiation can cause great harm and even kill patients themselves in some cases, the ginger targets the cancer only and leaves the rest of the body alone.

The findings suggest that regularly consuming ginger as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle might help prevent cancer from even taking root in the first place. It certainly won’t hurt — the root is also renowned for its ability to treat inflammation and nausea and is an essential part of an overall holistic living strategy.

“‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ goes the famous adage,” the prostate cancer study concludes, “that holds true for cancer chemoprevention strategies using dietary agents such as fruits and vegetables.”

If you have successfully treated cancer using ginger or other natural remedies, please contact us at to share your story.

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scottie kemp

How do you go about using ginger for you digestive tract?

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How do you sleep at night, spreading this bullshit?


Hope you get sued by the family of a victim who trusted such insane bullshit. How dare you???

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Mike Brancatelli

to you guys that claim this is bullshit, do you have any proof that it is “bullshit” ?

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I think eating it would be a good start – but you can also buy higher quality ginger ale with bits of ginger floating in it, and drink it.


I found a great recipe for ginger tea. My stomach has been bothering me for weeks now and yesterday I started drinking this tea. It is made up of 1/4 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp ground turmeric, 1 cup of water and add organic honey and vanilla coconut milk to sweeten. It may take time to get used to the taste but unless my mind is playing tricks on me, my stomach is feeling better already today.


slice thinly a good size chunk of Ginger root about the size of 2 walnuts or pecans and add to boiling hot water just like you would make tea and steep for 15-30 minutes stir occasionally and enjoy like you would hot tea. I guarantee that you will feel supreme. I drink it this way atleast 3 times a week. I usually make about 20 ounces or so at a time and consume while its hot like you would tea in about 30 min sitting at the kitchen table. I don’t add sugar or honey because I now enjoy the taste and smell of the ginger vapors. I must warn you that my wife or anyone else that smells the aroma while its brewing is very amazed at how strong the vapors are. Its one of the most intense aromas you can find from a root on earth. Its definitely something you might have to get used to, or for some maybe not? But, definitely worth the health benefits.

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