Apricots growing on a tree. Via: igor.stevanovic | Shutterstock

Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

Apricots growing on a tree. Via: igor.stevanovic | Shutterstock


by Daud Scott

on June 22, 2015

The phrase ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ could not hit any harder, especially when it comes to the present discussion related to cancer and our present state of nutrition and health. I do understand that venturing into this discussion may be touchy due to the fact that we have only allowed medical doctors to dictate the present cases, acceptable cures and latest treatments regarding cancer; while the everyday citizen without a medical degree has succumbed to it and the fact that they wake up one day and discover they (we) have cancer in some form or another. As a nutritionist I feel that it is my duty to open up the discussion to everyone here; discussing healing through nutrition hasn’t been made illegal (yet).

I unequivocally stand by the belief that many types of cancer can be cured with food and earth elements, as well as cure many other types of illnesses that exist out there today. What I don’t want you to take away from this is the idea that I am encouraging you to leave your present treatment or your oncologist if you are currently battling cancer. Even with this however, I do feel it is important to highlight one of the greatest cover-ups in the history of cancer treatment that happens to be related to a little known (to the greater public) anti-cancer remedy and treatment known as Laetrile, which is also known as vitamin B17.

One of the greatest concentrated sources of vitamin B17 can be found in the seed of fruit that many of us may have taken for granted: the apricot. The actual seed is found beneath the hard pit of the apricot. The anti-cancer agent found in the actual Laetrile B17 vitamin is known as amygdalin.

Via: NaturesFirstPath.com

Via: NaturesFirstPath.com

Question:“If B17 is so powerful and helpful towards cancer elimination then why is it not prescribed by modern Physicians as a treatment?”

Simple Answer:“A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature, but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.”
 — G. Edward Griffin.

So once again the lives of many are held hostage at the cost of patents, certain doctor’s incomes and a possible sizable reduction of chemotherapy centers; that would thus reduce profits for the pharmaceutical industry. What makes vitamin B17 so powerful is the fact that it is comprised of glucose and hydrogen cyanide. The way it actively destroys cancer cells is by the glucose ‘injecting’ itself into the cancer cell. Then the cyanide and benzaldahyde from the glucose create a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell. This natural form of chemotherapy was (and still is) considered controversial. Many medical professionals claim B17 is toxic. Well, the last time I checked, having cancer (in any form) is toxic in itself and causes death daily. The only thing B17 is toxic to is cancer cells and a corrupt government.

So Here’s Where The Cover-Up Comes In

Although it was not approved for treatment by the FDA, doctors like John A. Richardson M.D. began using it “illegally” to treat patients at his clinic in San Francisco, and it was working remarkably better than orthodox treatments. His success with laetrile is documented in Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience by John A. Richardson M.D. and Patricia Irving Griffin, R.N. However the team was later was forced to downplay the overall benefits of B-7 when held up against conventional cancer treatments. The FDA then came out hard in its attack on Laetrile. The FDA considers Laetrile an unapproved form of treatment and ‘illegal’ for a practitioner to administer, therefore you cannot buy Laetrile in the US, though you can buy B17 / amygdalin in supplement form. You can also gather the seed of the apricot and consume them at your discretion either as an anti-cancer agent or even in the midst of battling cancer (as reported by those who defeated cancer using B17).

An apricot cut in half to expose its kernel. The seeds are found inside the kernel. Via: Anna Kucherova | Shutterstock

An apricot cut in half to expose its kernel. The seeds are found inside the kernel. Via: Anna Kucherova | Shutterstock

“What would happen if everyone in the world ate right, and in addition to this knew about the healing effects of B-17?”

This question I’m sure is one that many of those attacking the documented benefits of B17 couldn’t bear to answer. Outraged by the B17 cover-up by the FDA and the AMA, for a 5 year period between 1972 and 1977 studies were conducted by Sloan-Kettering on the anti-cancer benefits of B17 to which it was concluded that:

  1. Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumors.
  2. It stopped the spreading (metastasizing) of cancer in mice.
  3. It relieved pain related to cancer.
  4. It acted as a cancer preventative.
  5. It improved general health of the cancer patient.

One of the researchers on that panel, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura was asked:“Do you stick by your belief that laetrile stops the spread of cancer?” He replied famously, “I stick.” But then later Sloan-Kettering came out and fired one of its top spokesman on the subject, Ralph Moss for reporting on the findings. This passive-aggressive type of behavior when it comes to natural cures for cancer only hurts the general public at large.

But while it is one thing to hear about clinical trials of B17 and how it eliminates cancer cells, it is totally different when actual, real life people have cured themselves of cancer and are living to talk about it. These are people who have fought back against the system, took control of their destiny and listened to their own bodies. To read one such story, that of Christopher Wark, click here.

The Legacy Of Dr. Max Gerson

I wouldn’t do any service or justice to try and tell the full story of Dr. Max Gerson in this particular piece. But what I will tell you is that his legacy is continuing through his daughter, Charlotte Gerson in San Diego. The San Diego location acts as an informative hub. The actual cancer treatment center is located in Tijuana, Mexico and Budapest, Hungary due to United States laws on cancer treatment. Even if you are not 100% percent convinced that any of this has any validity, you still owe it to yourself to know about The Gerson Institute and what Dr. Max Gerson was doing for cancer patients before he was marginalized, stripped of his medical license and ultimately set up. To know more about the Gerson Therapy click here.

Dry apricot seeds. Via: JIANG HONGYAN | Shutterstock

Dry apricot seeds. Via: JIANG HONGYAN | Shutterstock

Being Proactive In Our Fight Against Getting Cancer

The best medicine is preventative medicine. I don’t have to read off a long list of statistics. If you’re an American, on the standard American diet or even an immigrant who has accepted the standard diet of present society, if you exercise very little and engage in other harmful bodily choices, then cancer is running after you: that’s a statistical fact. There are some instances when no matter what you do, cancer will find you. Even if this is the case, it is no excuse to not be proactive and get an early start of ridding even the slightest possibility of getting cancer in any form.

As powerful as B17 is, there are also many other natural foods that have been shown to be helpful in warding off cancer. Consuming black seed (Nigella sativa), aloe gel, aloe juice, ginger, chia, cumin, flax,  large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, turmeric, goji berries, food mushrooms (white button, shitake, etc), Swiss chard, chili peppers, spirulina, wheatgrass, and sumac are all beneficial — as is regular periodic fasting. And many other plant based spices and foods have been shown to be helpful in the fight to keep cancer at bay. Eating is one thing, how we live and think is another. Meditate daily. Don’t smoke cigarettes..

All we truly have in this world is the present moment. In this present moment, let us learn about suppressed natural treatments for not only ailments related to cancer, but on many other diseases as well. Why isn’t nutrition taught consistently in medical school? It is something to think about. It is never too late to change. It is not too late to take the power back. Here’s to your health.


David (Daud) K. Scott is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and is presently pursing his licensed naturopathic doctorate degree. He began his path to conscious nutrition while studying for a BA in Sociology at Hampton University. After bouts of body pain, distress and periods of consistent fatigue, David took it upon himself to address his own food choices. Having learned how to heal himself, David wanted to share his knowledge and Natures First Path, a practice devoted to educating people on mindful, holistic nutrition was born. He has practiced in New York City, Hampton, Virginia, San Diego, California and most recently, Los Angeles, California.  Find out more about Daud and his work at NaturesFirstPath.com.



  • Steve Vogel

    There is a doctor here in the U.S. that has had the cure for cancer for over 40 years. Many people cured there own cancer, stage 5 and under with organic food. This is why the World is stating that the U.S. Congress will be responsible for the Genocide of 90% of the human population. Worldly wisdom! The problem is all of the lies and deception that has been going on for thousands of years.

  • Defog

    More info please. Who, where, how…

  • Will

    I have heard this before and am very interested,
    how many seeds would you need to consume daily?

  • Steve Vogel


    Other cancer doctors, increase body Ph and O2 levels. Wheat grass has the same building properties as hemoglobin. The nutrition of vegetables is at 2% organic is about 15% I have not found anything close to 100%. Research how to cleanse the body. Chelation is one of them. Ph you can use food grade baking soda. Keep me updated please. Steve

  • LosingYourRights

    Because there are different types of and different causes of [cancer]…..there is no single cure!

    What’s in your food?

  • Steve Vogel

    Losing your rights, you never bothered to do any research. The root of cancer is caused by a few men who wanted to make a ton of money. It you listen to we the people who have cured their own cancer you would know who and how cancer is formed.

  • Arctic Wolf

    Hi it is not only in the U.S. it has been done also in Russia. Before there were healers in there that knew of the cancer had the means to heal it. But the new government got rid of almost all of them. Maybe only few survived. In the post I saw there were two ways to get rid of cancer without the use of metal.

    Here is the site that I got the info from, but the thing is that the language is Bulgarian :


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  • Daud Scott

    Hi Will. This is a very good question. From what I have heard, those who are actually in the stages of Cancer have consumed 30 plus seeds daily in conjunction with clean and healthy foods while eliminating meat and dairy from their diets while doing this. For those who have not be diagnosed, just eating them on a regular consistent basis have been shown as a prevention method. This is just one of many foods that are out there that have been shown to help in the prevention area. Best of luck to you.

  • Steve Vogel

    The seeds are deadly.

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  • LosingYourRights

    Soda is deadly!

  • Neil J. Rouse 2nd

    this is weakly bound cyanide, vitamin c can break those bonds and cause this ‘b-17’ (no such thing really) to become deathly toxic.

  • natsandbeesmom

    No one as of yet has died from ingesting the seeds

  • zarathustra2k1


  • http://twoballanddelta.org/ Edwin M. Hopkins
  • Alex Nicholls

    Well my husband has been eating them for six months and he’s still alive

  • Steve Vogel

    cyanide poisoning try;
    Grains like millet, buckwheat and barley and flax are good sources. Nuts like bitter almonds, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts are excellent sources of Vitamin B17.

  • Chris

    I have known about apricot seeds and Laetrile since 1975; it has been used and discussed and vilified and pushed underground- Jetro Koss’ transformative naturopathic bible ” Back to Eden”; the movement to understand the organic dynamic powers of have and will continue to go on-but unless big business can control it, the government can tax it and it is marketed through an enterprise intentions’ with powerful influence to make money -Not through home remedies and native cures
    Unless there is way to restrict the free access of the healing creative forces …..the forces that be will be marginalized and good intentions will be usurped and then twisted to neifarious purposes to their own ends…usually to put an end to free access to our own natural rights to grow and further our own health . I speak of what I know/ despite all the knowledge and natural cures both my mother and father were toxified by chemotherapy and the AMA bandwagon approved big money operations-both died from the full exhaustion and depletion of nutrition -the byproducts of the war against cancer…..no restorative countermeasures to utilize the body’s organic systems of defense were ever tried. Don’t fall for the lie! Investgate the restorative energy producers and the natural pharmaceutical of plants, fruits, seeds,herbs, massages, acupuncture,sunlight, sound, spiritual healing techniques.
    A former army medic; martial arts practitioner 40+years ; investigator of alternative therapies from around the world.

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  • http://www.islandbicycles.com Paul Ahart

    Total bullshit.

  • Marcus Jasso

    Good ole Doc Barrett. The biggest Quack of them all. : )

  • Steve Vogel

    You must be God

  • Zilster

    Please explain your comment , unless you work for a pharmaceutical company , in which no need to explain.

  • Lila Joseph

    I have been eating the seeds of fresh apricots and as far as i can tell I’m not dead!

  • Facts of Life

    From what I have read from research the seeds are only poisonous when they are turned into a gas. Ingesting them in their solid form isn’t harmful to the body. I have yet to read about a person dying from ingesting the seeds of fruit. In fact most animals (beings who are far more healthy than us humans) eat the seeds of fruit with the actual fruit. My family has been juicing fruit (seeds and all) for years and have yet to become victims of cyanide poisoning….

  • Steve Vogel

    It would be interesting to see your blood levels

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  • Newman Glass

    how many apricot seeds does one have to eat to be negatively effected? also does this apply to peach seeds?

  • Denise Destiny Marie



    GMOs and lack of vitamin B17 cause cancer, old witch doctors treated the disease with … myth that cancer is incurable, it is designed to keep the public in fear of death

    B17 is present only in the seeds of René – cultivated apple in the seeds of pears, apricots and pitted plums and bitter almond

    Famous families, members of the “Committee of 300”, will never get breast cancer, according to Sidorov

    Georgi Sidorov
    Russian writer Georgi Sidorov

    There are groups of people in the West, who practically did not suffer from cancer. These are members of the “Committee of 300” famous families Rothschild, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, etc., says prominent Russian writer George Sidorov.

    Involuntarily comes to mind that a cure for cancer was discovered a long time ago, but it is only for a select few. And besides, some have learned to use cancer against their political opponents.

    Did that died of cancer and Venezuelan leader relentless enemy of the “Committee of 300” Hugo Chavez. It seems that Chavez particularly infected with the disease. Who knows. If so, it appears that the reasons for the occurrence of cancer are known, but not all. They are hidden from the masses. At the same time an increasing number of people both in the West and the East, suffer from this disease. This suggests that not subjected to contamination with cancer huge mass of people in different countries. Against this epidemic we can remove any unwanted leader and this is attributed to the wave of widespread illness.

    At the same time, many people have learned to treat cancer without resorting to official medicine. A folk remedies are really surprising.

    For example, in the early 20th century Russian healers have treated easily and cancer are not considered him a particularly serious illness. Only later, with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, when they were shot by the majority of folk healers, cancer become “incurable”.

    Without US communism would be born
    Magazine “American Jews” from Sept. 10, 1920 wrote: “The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, carried out by Jewish outrage by Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new world order. ..

    How the US created COMMUNISM – or for participation in the capitalist revolutions

    From all the above we can conclude that Russian folk healers know what is the nature of cancer and knew how to deal with it.

    Only recently it became known to the official science that cancer occurs due to two reasons.

    The first reason – is a reaction to the lack of vitamin B17.

    The second reason is that during the deficiency of this vitamin greatly weakens the immune system. Catalyst for the emergence of cancer is a fungus Candida albicans, which lives in every human body and is the cause of candidiasis.

    Therefore, in order to infect every person with cancer, requires two factors: the lack of vitamin B17 and a weakened immune system which can not neutralize the action and the reproduction of the fungus.

    Vitamin B17 is the main factor that blocks cancer development.

    If this vitamin is in sufficient quantities, even a weakened immune system cope with fungal diseases.

    Now let’s look at which fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B17.

    It turns out that it in no tomatoes, cucumbers and any other cultivated plants in our garden. It is found only in the seeds of René – cultivated apple in the seeds of pears, apricots and pitted plums and bitter almond.

    That is why a number of corrupt scientists began to write dozens of articles about the dangers of these seeds and nuts.

    Because, you see, all these seeds have too many toxic cyanide, which “poisons the human body destroys the liver, pancreas and blood-forming organs.”

    Clearly, this is an order to create in people deficient in vitamin B17.

    Taking into account that modern man lives in constant stress, and stress destroys the immune system, in addition, the immune system destroys GMO and food chemistry, it is not difficult to guess why so many people get cancer.

    An interesting detail: three centuries ago and vegetables, and apples and pears this vitamin is contained in the berries themselves, but with the creation of new varieties of vitamin B17 remains only in the stones of these plants. Therefore cancers in the 17th century were typical only for urban residents, and even then rarely.

    How our Russian healers have treated this disease?

    There are several ways of treating cancer, and one of the most common will be described.

    Folk healers were aware that the key in the treatment of any disease is the human immune system.

    Therefore at the beginning of the treatment they are trying to boost maximum.

    In order to do this, is taken in May or June copper, 1 kg, dissolved in 1 liter of wine or vodka, soaked in this mixture, 1 kg dendritic aloe, sometimes putting two sheets of rubber plant. Required add 50 grams of dry forest or garden horsetail and 20-50 g celandine. Sometimes zhalturchetata was replaced with buttercup.

    The venom of the buttercup celebrate and serve as a cancer killer fungus, and all other herbs strengthen the immune system of a person, they are the balm for the healing of internal wounds caused by the tumor.

    When all these things come together, the solution is a dark place and soak for 12 days.

    Then drink this infusion three times a day one hour before meals.

    Some healers in this composition added dry or fresh birch leaves, 50 g wort or thyme.

    All this increases the efficiency of the conditioner and helps the body get rid of the disease.

    But this is only the first treatment.

    The second half is as follows: three times a day to eat nuts and seeds 20-50 plums, apricots, almonds and peaches.

    It is important to know that these seeds should be fresh or dried fruits that have not undergone heat treatment.

    Folk healers were aware that these seeds and nuts contain a powerful poison, but they knew something that modern science has discovered recently. That this poison, cyanide does not affect the human body, as it is associated with substances that neutralize it.

    This act only poison the tumor.

    It turns out that the kernels of apricot and peach not only provide vitamin B17, but with its poison destroy cancer.

    With such therapy, a person can be completely cured of cancer within six months.

    There is another way of ridding of severe disease. It is even more simple, but it requires strong will of the patient.

    As you know, not all have such southern plants like aloe or ficus. Therefore, these places Russians contracted cancer, ate the fruit of hawthorn seed, which also has a vitamin B17, drank were decoction of chaga with milk consumed are wild apple seed and do physical exercises for all muscle groups.

    Instead of dumbbells and barbells are used stones, sandbags, mill stones and iron bars. Why?

    Because during exercise muscles lose a huge amount of protein, the protein that the sick person can not compensated by food. Therefore, the body begins to act in his own way. It produces killer cells that eat tumor protein, turning it into amino acids for muscle building.

    Therefore modern fitness buffs and bodybuilders hardly suffer from cancer, although not eat foods that contain vitamin B17.

    People knew a lot more ways to treat cancer, but these methods we will not describe because they involve the use of heavy metals (mercury chloride), although they are simple and reliable.

    Therefore in modern pharmacies can not buy mercuric chloride, although other poisons are sold.

    This is because Russian physicians have treated cancer with mercuric chloride is not particularly difficult.

    We wrote this article for this – to allow our citizens to realize that long ago found a cure for cancer.

    But it is used only by elected those who govern our academic science and medicine.

    Therefore, our official science “can not” to deal with this disease, deficiency of vitamin B17, although traditional healers treat it easily.

    The myth that cancer is incurable, is designed to keep the public in fear of death.

    And creating artificial shortages of essential vitamins, alongside this weakens the immune system of people, those who are considered rulers of the planet, killing millions.

    Furthermore, the myth of the incurability of cancer is a powerful weapon for manipulating the minds of the awkward political leaders like Hugo Chavez, Ibrahim Rugova, David Thompson, Eric Honecker.

    Georgi Sidorov

    * Bell. Order .: This article aims to inform people that cancer treatment. All these methods anyone can use only personal responsibility. / Viaranews.com /

    The opinions of the editors and the author / s can not match.

    If the material you like, help us to promote it by sharing buttons below.

    Thank you!

    Четете още на: http://budnaera.com/201503/1506020015.html#ixzz3ma6BkFm2
    Научете за преследването на Фалун Гонг от Китайската комунистическа партия

  • WindyWeather

    My daughter has always eaten the apple seed – again said to contain cyanide and she’s bouncing and full of good health

  • WindyWeather

    If you view via Chrome you’ll be able to translate it

  • Arctic Wolf

    well it was already translated by @Denise Destiny Marie

  • Will Tollett

    FDA has required that all nuts be pasturized in the US and Europe followed as well. The FDA allows them to be advertised as “Raw”
    Almonds etc the pasteurization neutralizes the B17 in the almonds. This is the FDA attempt at preventing the public from using this as a cure. After all the cancer industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Chemo only has a 4% success rate. I don’t think you know what the hell your talking about.

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  • catacomb

    What a bunch of bull, do you have single article that proves the result as opposed to internet junk science.

  • Magnavation

    One thing no one ever talks about is the PH of the body. Most of our foods are acidic which promote cancerous cells. When you think of how fish need their water pH’d to live as well as our plants to grow strong and health and our swimming pools then why is our body ignored. Also be careful of the water you drink as most cheap water is on the acidic side where as drinking Fiji or other higher pH’d waters are more alkaline. An important factor in our health is more alkaline foods and drinks to balance our pH. Instead of grabbing pills to stop heart burn which is caused by an acidic diet drink alkaline water. It is much better for you and you will notice a difference as well as alkaline water keeps you hydrated better. Just some food for thought.

  • Grace Holmes

    My mother ate these seeds when she had cancer and she is dead now. I ate the seeds too and I am alive but then again I didn’t have cancer.

  • Innocent Moose

    SMH another Laetrile article pointing at cyanogenic stone fruit pits.

    From Wikipedia :

    “Amygdalin (from Ancient Greek: ἀμυγδαλή amygdálē “almond”), is a poisonous cyanogenic glycoside found in many plants, but most notably in the seeds (kernels) of apricot, peach, bitter almond, and plum.

    Since the early 1950s, both amygdalin and a modified form named laetrile have been promoted as quack cancer cures, often using the misnomer Vitamin B17 .[1]
    but studies have found them to be clinically ineffective in the
    treatment of cancer, as well as potentially toxic or lethal when taken
    by mouth, due to cyanide poisoning. Neither amygdalin nor laetrile are vitamins.

    The promotion of laetrile to treat cancer has been described in the medical literature as a canonical example of quackery,[2][3] and as “the slickest, most sophisticated, and certainly the most remunerative cancer quack promotion in medical history.”[1]

    Please ResetMe, stone fruit pits have killed desperate, sick people. Have some responsibility…..

  • David_G_Young

    Conduct double-blind clinical trials and publish the results in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Until then, stop pretending you have anything to offer. You are just another quack.

  • UncleJoe223

    Steve, it would be interesting if you admitted you don’t know your ass from your elbow.

  • david burge

    May I bring to your attention That there are a vast difference between the cyanide in the plant seeds which is calcium cyanide and the very dangerous Cyanide used in Gold recovery that is Sodom Cyanide OUT here in Australia calcium Cyanide is found in the new groth of the local Gums which the birds and roos feed on

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  • Steve Vogel

    LOL, since I know for a fact that one Doctor has had the cure for cancer for over 40 years. An herbalist has cured cancer, Diabetes, AIDS and other STD’s. You should get enough vit b17 in apple juice since they don’t remove the seeds before juicing.

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