Mother Describes What an MDMA Experience Feels Like

“It was like being lit up like a Christmas tree,” says Rachel Hope.  “Everything in my brain was turned on all at once… It was like getting acquainted with my very, very best self…then you get to turn your best, best self onto your most damaged self.”

Mother of Four Rachel Hope describes exactly how she felt after receiving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as part of her participation in a study to evaluate MDMA’s ability to treat PTSD.  In this video, Rachel describes how MDMA dramatically transformed her life in just 6-8 hours.  Rachel says the MDMA-assisted psychotherapy cured her life-long battle with PTSD.

Rachel was given the MDMA as part of her participation in a MAPS.org study. The study found MDMA-assisted psychotherapy cured 83% of participants with treatment-resistant PTSD, compared to 25% cured with psychotherapy alone.